Jan. 2nd, 2009

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Gah. Here I am again, your daily dose of whine on homework. Finally got off my arse to start work properly because I see other people picking up the slack already and... I think consequences would be quite dire if only a few didn't do the work as opposed to one entire class, because the former is laziness while the second is mutiny. It's all about the perspective.

So. Got distracted within minutes, seeing Gala Darling's Carousel list which had a link to a link to this link. The song is ridiculously funny and quite catchy and the video is just utter lol so... I'm sorry, Tennyson, for ignoring 'the Lady of Shalott'.

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This song is the reason for my choice in my homework for Lit Paper 4's reflection.

Loreena McKennitt's voice is simply gorgeous and this song is just heartbreakingly sad.



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