Jan. 5th, 2009

rxelyn: (epic fail)
Evelyn, it's within you: the answers you seek, the direction you want, and the power to be whoever you want to be. Your dreams are not yours by mere whim. They've been meticulously matched to the gifts you're now developing. Designed to lure you within, where your true power lies, and then out into the world, beyond imagined limitations and fears. Trust yourself. Listen to your heart. You have the right stuff, you know what to do, and it can all be yours.

Hosanna in the highest,
The Universe

... Just got back from shopping at IKEA with Faza. I bought nothing even though I was really tempted to buy candles and colored glass bowls and lamps. Lol.

it's cool to hang out with her cos we have so many fandoms in common, like HP and Jpop and Heroes and now Merlin (ahem Bradley James, lol) and hopefully Torchwood as well.

Currently there's only a week left before school hell reopens and I am going to be in deep shit because I still haven't finish my homework infernal assignments: there's still 5 LITERATURE essays, 5 Othello reading packages, 2 HISTORY essays, 2 MATHS promo papers and 1 worksheet, 15 GP articles, 1 GP comprehension and 10 reading packages,  1 ECON paper, 1 reading package and 1 case study.


TO THE CLIQUE: The clique blog is officially done. 




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