Jan. 6th, 2009

rxelyn: (gold sunset)
Managed to function properly with just barely 3 hours of sleep, think I'm going to sort of pay this abuse back later on tomorrow where I'll be super blur and zombified.

Went to library to start/finish up my homework with Sze Him and Ami :D Was definitely more productive than doing work alone at home with good music and unlimited internet, lol. (cos I'm distracted really really really easily.)

Thanks for the gorgeous earrings, Sze Him! So shiney, haha.

Borrowed Murakami's Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman, which I read on the train towards Toa Payoh. I only got to the middle of the third story, but really, I can tell it's gonna be an awesome book because I'm already getting the goosebumps from the previous stories, the good kind, haha. (Unlike Neil Gaiman, I can't ever really complete his short stories, not because they're boring, but... just... there's this quality about them that makes me unable to finish them, like... I don't really want to know, kind of thing.)

After meeting up with Sneha and Sofia, we went to buy flowers, and omg, this is the first time I knew that flowers are so expensive! (gods know that I don't ever buy flowers for people and my mother buys those for the altar at the market where it's like dirt cheap.) Sort of... jealous? Haha, not really, just wished that I had flowers too during the choir concert, (Sharon and Kai Ling did get me one, which was really pretty! :) I remembered it was white!) But my pragmatic side of me has to come out and tell me that flowers are a waste of money because they do nothing but look pretty and die quickly. You see why I'm not a romantic?

Anyway, I enjoyed myself at the concert, it wasn't fabulous per se, but really, it has been ages since my last band concert (ever since my eldest brother graduated from NUS and subsequently the wind symphony.) so it's really cool to finally experience one again and I'm feeling hooked sort of already. (like when I'm rich, I'll watch concerts every two weeks or something. But I would prefer the more... baroque to 19th century pieces. Don't really like contemporary.) I recognized some people in band, like Fatmah (duh!) and Praba and this CJ guy who went to Reach Cambridge too and this other guy but I forgot his name. But I remember the face!

Only Sneha, Sofia, Sherilyn, Shaun and I turned up, representing our class. (why do all their names start with an 's'?!?! Make me feel so extra lah! Lol.) Min Jie backed out halfway even though Fatmah reserved a ticket for her already, well, as long as she pays up, it's none of our business, so no need to feel annoyed or anything, Sneha, :).



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