Jan. 7th, 2009

rxelyn: (undone work)

Managed to reduce the amount of homework left. But there is still a lot... T.T
(cos the homework that are 'done' are... sort of not really done, more like got something to show but no substance to back it up with.)

I didn't really do much work today (yesterday was so much more productive.)
Woke up at around 9, and watched two episodes of Torchwood.
Then surfed the net aimlessly, reading fanfics and browsing through friends' pages for more stuff to read/do.
Went to Lot One for lunch and shopped for New Year stuff, like pillow cases and chinese herbs with exotic names that I can't translate.
Came back home feeling a little... bored of homework and ended up reading three and a quarter volumes of Junjou Romantica (the other three quarters were not scanlated yet.)
Finally started work at about 6 plus halfheartedly while surfing more internet.
Had dinner for a while and back to work again.



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