Jan. 11th, 2009

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Went to the 4d class chalet yesterday and expected to be very bored. But Darryl brought his Guitar Hero! So we were highly entertained, with antics of Chee How and my own terrible playing, haha, it's been ages since I last played on the wii, about a year ago or so, if I bothered to check the archives at my old blog. And using the xbox console just felt weird to me, especially when doing chords, like the brain cannot comprehend the buttons, haha, I just have bad hand-brain coordination.

Ate quite a lot too, but not as much as Atiqah, because Hong Da was sort of serving us when we first came, he made frequent trips to give us satays and stingrays and chicken wings.

Ended up going home pretty late thanks to Guitar Hero, haha, I was planning to sort of eat-and-run, but the game made me stay. Luckily, Faza's parents were willing to pick us up, so I didn't reach home too late. Ami and Chin and Ati went off pretty early because Pasir Ris is really very far...

Slacked a bit when I got back, watched Demons and... well, it's alright, I mean, it's my genre, but... sort of boring? Maybe it's because I read and watch a lot of stuff in the supernatural genre, so it takes a lot to get me interested.

Well, a whole bunch of relatives came down today to prepare the food for the Lunar New Year... so it was quite noisy and all that and I'm supposed to be finishing up my homework but I got sidetracked... read 4 volumes of Her Majesty's Dog and it's really quite amusing even though it's not that original to me. Ended up watching three episodes of Torchwood because I couldn't resist even though I told myself to start rationing or else I'll run out of episodes before season 3 is out.

So now... thinking of just going off and read a good book since I went to the library earlier and borrowed quite a number of them... Damn, I sort of wish I was Owen, you know, being dead. =_= No need to really do anything, cos you're dead. And you can read to your heart's content, I wouldn't mind giving up food and sex and breathing for eternity and no more aging.
rxelyn: (*dum dum dum*)
This is one of the most favorable influences for personal relationships. You can readily express your love and affection, and others are likely to show their affection for you. Seek the company of others, because you are in a sociable frame of mind today. Today is also a good time to resolve any problems in your personal relationships. You will be able to discuss any tensions that exist without difficulty, assuring your loved one that your love is sincere. This is also a day when you may meet a new lover or friend. It is a good time for any necessary new encounters because the environment favors pleasant first impressions.

Well. This is what the horoscope says, let's just hope it's accurate? Since... I don't quite fancy being punished for undone work...



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