Jan. 13th, 2009

rxelyn: (O RLY?)
[Error: unknown template qotd]... I most probably won't suspect anything, in fact, I'll just tell the person to go ahead immediately. The 'oh-shit-what-did-he/she-find-out' feeling don't hit me directly unless I really did something and didn't want them to know, then I'll get into my defensive mode, ready to come up with lies or excuses.

First day of school was yesterday. In which things weren't as bad as I thought. Of course, math lesson was horrible, econ tutorial was boring, but we had new teachers who seemed pretty alright, but I haven't exactly had any real lessons with them yet, so I'm not too sure how cool they are with sloth and procrastination. But the teachers seemed pretty lenient this time round about homework... maybe they're still in the holiday mood too? Lol. Choir wasn't too bad, even though I have like about 4 free hours in between my last period and choir practice... =_=

Hung out with Min Jie after school today because Faza ditched me for make up lessons. >.> She treated me to Pastamania, :D Which was pretty delish and hence I didn't eat any dinner because I'm that full. Hey, next time I'll treat you to coffee or something, okay? :D We talked for quite a bit, haha, we both had pretty wild tales. And Bishan's Popular apparently doesn't sell liquid paper. Or if it does, it's stocked in some user-unfriendly place because I couldn't find it even after making two rounds. I also bought this cheapo version of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. Someone told me it was good or something, but I don't remember who. But anyway, one book of the 'Books-to-Buy' list, which I ought to update soon because there are new stuff that I want to buy. And Within Temptation's Black Symphony live album is like way cool and effing expensive for a poor student like me and to download it would take like 10 to 20 gig of disk space which I don't have. Rawr. Navin's gonna lend me the current Enya album, a bit late and all but still, I never miss getting her albums. :D I also want to get Patrick Wolf's albums for the album notes and pictures, but the only place currently selling them is HMV and I sort of still hold a grunge over the whole AFI thing. D:

Alright... now it's back to doing essay outlines for the new GP/PD tutor.



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