Jan. 18th, 2009


Jan. 18th, 2009 11:42 pm
rxelyn: (writing)
Weekend is a time to do homework laze around and pretend to be doing work so as if to avoid nagging from certain parties.

Dug out some old drabbles that I wrote a couple of years back, working on several LJ prompts that I stole from various communities. Mainly to ward off boredom during maths/physics/hmt classes, and to work on portraying an established relationship that was completely free of any paranormal influences and also how to write fluff/romantic scenes instead of antagonistic and emo-ish pieces all the time.

title: late for a reason
universe: capriccio
type: prompted drabbles
pairing: Xavier/Del
notes: none

toothache inducing drabble #1 )

title: promises
universe: capriccio
type: prompted drabble
pairing: Xavier/Del
notes: none

toothache inducing drabble #2 )

Okay. Major fluff, I'm sort of cringing as I write this too, think I ought to stick with blood and gore and emo stuff, haha. Don't think I'm doing justice to poor Del and Xavier and I finally remembered their storyline and backgrounds. XD



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