Jan. 24th, 2009

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went out with Faza today and finally finally bought a dress thing for CNY. So at least I won't have to wear something old when I go to visit my relatives. Too bad she didn't get to study her Othello, sorry, Fazy! Haha.

Had an early reunion dinner just now, because I'm going over to my aunt's place tomorrow for the actual one.

a wide spread. But I mainly only enjoy the sashimi. Steamboat isn't something that I like... it's like playing the waiting game when eating steamboat. You dump something in, wait and wait and sometimes, whatever you put in get stolen or you just sit and wait and steal other people's food. I'm in the second category. Haha.

I actually don't like eating this. >.> but... I do take part in making the table dirty. XD

waiting. and waiting. and wait some more.

no idea what this plant thing is called in english.
but first time my mother ever bought it, so, here's a picture? lol.



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