Jan. 28th, 2009

rxelyn: (emoness)
eh... ignoring all forms of homework today like the good irresponsible kid that I am. *smiles angelically.*

been in a bad mood all day, didn't get enough sleep because I was writhing in agony over the monthly female troubles. (what I would give to be male, I tell you, when it comes to such times.)

waking up knowing that you have school while your mother and brother have leave is really annoying. I mean, they get to laze the day away... at least I know my brother will be gaming away from 9 onwards.

reading Murakami's Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman isn't all that condusive to my emoness either as the stories are either just plain strange or really lonely. Damn, I need to buy this book too, so much that I still don't understand. The cranky mood didn't fade even when I got home, and I stupidly forgot the titles of my relatives who had come over in my daze. ... Well, Gackt-sama melted my brain into a puddle of goo. But, knowing that Leverage episode 9 is out and reading good fanfiction managed to cheer me up. But I'm still not going to touch homework. Because firstly Min Jie stole my literature paper and econs is a really sucky subject sometimes.

note to self: Buy the fucking WA books already! And word to ya, local manga company (aka chuangyi), you suck because even TokyoPop is faster than you!



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