Jan. 31st, 2009

rxelyn: (ianto and phones)
Just came back after a bout of gaming over at Bing Xue's place. Went over at around 8 plus, cos Uncle Tian Shan drove us over. And although we haven't seen each other for ages, there's never a sense of awkwardness. I don't think I ever felt out of place when I'm hanging out with the three siblings, okay, things are a little estranged with Zi Yi now that we don't talk much. But Yong Xuan is still the little brother I never had and Bing Xue is like my annoying twin brother. Lol. Weird analogy but still. Was soundly thrashed by Yong Xuan in the Naruto and Bleach games originally because I never played them on an PS before, but apparently gaming is universal because I managed to pick up quickly enough to even the scores. (it would be quite pathetic if I can't even match up to a younger kid. >.>) Last time I managed to play with Bing Xue's guitar... but no chance this time, with the adults pushing us to go home and about 12 plus...  blah. Still not sleeping yet because I'm doped up on sugar, thanks to the orange thing that I consumed liberally. Gaming makes me thirsty... must be too busy swearing at the game console, haha.

Gala Darling posted this on her page, and the tune got stuck in my head. XD It's really so cute lah, and I really like the part where the guy yelled in english, "And the Finnish language is bloody hard to learn" Lol. I sort of relate to this more than the one Singapore actually performed. It's not as catchy and sort of boring, too long. And I'm generally more annoyed than amused by the issues raised.

Piano lesson was good today! Wee~! Managed to up the speed for the first piece to maximum, which means I'm really gonna go at presto. :D Lol, pieces are sort of at an extreme, the first two are super fast, the third is damn slow. And I still suck at aural, mostly at the sight-singing part even though I'm in choir. Epic fail? Gah.

The clique bailed out on tomorrow's meeting... and Kim is busy with choir and tuition... guess I'll just go out alone and waste money. :D



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