Feb. 9th, 2009

rxelyn: (ianto and phones)
Weak, transient effect: This influence can have many different effects, some of which you should be quite careful of. To begin with, it encourages compulsive behavior; your emotions acquire so much momentum that it is difficult not to give in to sudden urges and impulses that may not be good for you in the long run, particularly if you have been trying to suppress your feelings. This influence is least difficult if you deal with your feelings honestly and do not try to hide them from yourself. On the plus side, however, this influence allows you to go inside yourself and find out what you really want in any situation. Emotional self-analysis is very effective now, as long as you are willing to be honest. Encounters with others may also force an emotional self-confrontation which is useful, even though possibly unpleasant.

Huh... quite accurate today.

Anyway. Today was quite an alright day, nothing too exciting of course, but better than what could have been, and I'm thankful for small favors in life already. 'Sides lessons were pretty breezy today, teachers were kind enough.

Had some super long gossiping session because there wasn't anything to do in the time between school and choir.

Yay, Jia Li loves her present! Haha. And she has this awesomesauce zebra balloon that looks adorkable even when limp and airless! XDDD

Also auditioned for IHDC on a whim with Sherilyn and Sneha and we all managed to get in. Lol, must be due to our improvisation... haha, which on retrospect would have made me lol quite a bit. I mean, we were totally like ourselves, only more exaggerated?

Lots of new J1s in choir today... so now the choir room is like super packed. And more people equals to more noise... the bad kind, chattering etc. Not that I'm very quiet all the time... but still.

... You know it's sort of weird that when you listen to something that you haven't listened to in ages and eons but somehow you can just sing along... and get the tune right? ... I don't know... but I'm sort of like revisiting my anime roots... stuff like Saiyuki and Soul Eater and Gravitation etc. Sort of like your mouth is faster than your brain? Okay, that was random.

New Year has officially ended... which means I only got quite a meager sum this year... which means money for book shopping has a drastic cut... D: and I wanted to get Scott Lynch's Lies of Locke Lamora and Jeanine Frost's Vampire Huntress series...



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