Feb. 13th, 2009

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I totally love this icon. Ianto and his humor!! XD

college cip was blah. Basically we were productive and efficient in collecting the junk that the school wanted, yet they were extremely inefficient in doing the second part of the job which is picking up said junk. I mean, we finished the 6 blocks meant for us at about 11:30 rounded up, and the lorries only arrived like, 2 hours later to get the newspapers/clothes/whatever. The time in between was horrible because I was feeling totally gross, running up and down creates perspiration and warm local climate means humidness. Factor in 20 people or so, it's fucking uncomfortable. And there were only 4 seats available meaning that at most 12 people can squish on them while others can stand or sit on the floor. Some of the guys sat on newspaper piles instead, which later caused the neat piles to become all messed up. And the one thing I couldn't stand was the dirt on my hands. It was black from the newspaper, and sticky to touch from the heat and dirty food wrappers from the sweets and chocolates my classmates handed out for v-day.

and because of the loooong delay, we were late for the ihdc rehearsals... so we had to rush and change and all that without even given the chance to cool off. Gross. Really. D: Just thinking of it now make me feel all... ewwww.

we watched the other houses performed and... well. We weren't as good for one. But some groups were just plain screechy and that was annoying. I really liked the Egyptian idea although I think all the Pharoahs collectively turned in their pyramids. Haha. But they didn't get first... pity. The wedding one got first... and I like to suspect that it's because they incoporated the whole school motto into the ending, sucking up to the judges who were the teachers, but... nah... it's not like the teachers are that loyal to the school... right?

anyway, our house didn't win... can't say I didn't expect it even though we did hope that we would have a chance to win. Ahaha, my role was of this assertive, controlling manager, so I tried to channel Syafiqah, who is one of the most assertive person I know, and I think I epic failed at it. Lol. (luckily she wasn't there, because I'm pretty sure she would just tear me to pieces for that lousy impersonation. and I'm about as assertive as a lamb, meaning that I'll just blink at you *innocently* and go 'baaaaa' :3) And Sofia really did a lot to help us throughout the whole rehearsals and everything even though she wasn't obliged to. :D (I totally love the postcard she gave

went out for dinner with Sharon and Angela and Min Jie and Jia MIn after that. And I totally forgot that I didn't bring my wallet until we reached the bus stop. (I found out about that fact on the way to school this morning, when I had already passed by Yishun. Very smart, I know) Anyway, Angela was so kind to lend me 10 bucks! (omg!!! you're my new bff nao!! haha)

reached home about 10 plus in the end and wasted time... so yeah. That sums up my Friday the 13th. Nothing too unlucky except the whole forgetting the wallet part... but that may be just my innate carelessness talking.



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