Feb. 14th, 2009

rxelyn: (epic fail)
Behaved like a total bimbo just now. 3: Over a lizard! Gah.

I was cleaning out my cupboard when I spotted this lizard and out of reflex, I screamed. And the bloody thing just paused in its tracks and seemed to be staring at me, as if waiting for my next move. Hello, lizard, I screamed, so it's your move now. You either get the fuck away from my cupboard or you drop dead.

Which annoyed my brother so much that he came to the rescue with a whatever-it-is-called-that-is-used-to-smack-pests. Ah, my regular knight in armor.... NOT. Because after killing the damn thing by smacking it to death, leaving a squashed and deformed corpse of a lizard, he just LEFT it there and told me to do the clean up myself! D: It was so... deformed! All flattened and in the depths of my blackened heart, I felt... pity for the poor creature who was in the wrong place, aka my room. And it would be really damn gross to touch the corpse because... squashed and dead lizard... urgh, not my idea of a pretty kitten.

So I whined and whined and made my mother come in and peer at the lizard and laugh at my predicament because she hates lizards more than I do. (I'm alright with them as long as they don't invade my territory.) Until my poor brother got fed up with my whining that he came to help again. I was sort of 'hysterical' in the sense that I was half whining about the grossness and half laughing at my own incompetence. So... I probably sounded crazy to him, ahaha.

Upon hearing his chair pull back, and him grabbing the tissue paper box from his room, I pretended to be actually trying to do something productive by picking up a hanger that was lying around and pushing the waste bin nearing to the corpse. Lol, I'm such a faker lah, giving the pretense of trying to clear it up when I had no idea what I was doing. Haha.

Anyway, just realized that next time, whoever who lives with me, be it my boyfriend or roommates or drunken one-night-stands, whatever, they had got to be damn good at killing pests AND clearing of their remains. Or... be mindful of karma by not killing them and merely throwing them out of the window. (they may die from the height, but then again, they might not. It's all 50-50. So... the deaths aren't our problem.)



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