Feb. 15th, 2009

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Changed my layout finally, because Merlin has been over for ages and I can't freaking wait for the next season to see more Bradley James and the slashiness between Arthur and Merlin!! XD

Pictures involving skies and clouds always remind me of Joss Whedon's Firefly, thanks to the opening song. Haha.

Take my love, take my land
Take me where I cannot stand
I don't care, I'm still free
You can't take the sky from me
sonny rhodes x ballad of serenity
Went studying at the library with Ami and Sze just now, which is the normal routine every Sunday, unless something better to do crops up. Ahaha. Thinking of asking Kim to join next time, it's been ages since we last met up and I miss her!! XD Also, Ami and Sze gave me baked goods for V-Day in which I polished off once I got home! Thanks, you guys! :3

Borrowed a chinese book, because of my deteriorating standards in my mother tongue, which is sort of bad because... I think my 'talents' lie in the languages department. Anyway, it's translated from Japanese, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, which I already watched the anime.

XDDD Navin just told me that I was awesome during my perfomance on Friday! Yay~! Even though he is my friend and may be biased in his view, it still made me happy. Because that was like my first attempt at acting on stage? Yup, never been one to take part in such activities...

I don't think I finished my homework for tomorrow, mainly math and econs, if there were any... planning to be flayed alive for my trangressions. So, heck care lah.

Oh yeah, anyone have any idea how to change the tag list display to cloud? I've been surfing around for a while, but still no luck.
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I don't care if this means I'm a fucking bitch, but seriously, I want to be free to do whatever I want, without pesky things, like guilt and obligations tying me down. I mean, it's my life, why should I care so much about how others feel while suppressing how I feel? Who would think for me then?

Remembered this sort of sentiment from an old H/D ficlet thing, in which the idea of bravery/courage was mentioned. It's super easy to take risks concerning with life and death because ultimately, you either die or live. If you live, hey, good for you, you get to look like a hero. If you die, with luck, you may be lauded as a hero too, but in the end, whatever how people see/treat you, whether they praise you to high heavens and deliver eulogies at your funerals or spit upon your grave and label you as the scum of humanity, what the fuck does it matter? You're dead already. It's the goddamn end, and you won't know it, so fucking blissful in the knowledge that whatever the living does, it's none of your business and you deserve your rest.

On the other hand, the idea of taking life changing risks is different because you get to stay alive to see the consequences until the end. Which is so much more frightening because people will notice and people will form an opinion and they will speak. (unless you're in some highly restrictive society) And you got to live with it until everything dies down. Which they don't ever do so. It will come back and bite you in the arse even though you may have made your peace with it already.

On a completely unrelated note, I feel like starting my own quotes journal (yes, this was influenced by something. Quite silly, actually.) because my memory is baaaad. And I think that from literary quotes by great writers to words scrawled in bathroom stalls, as long as they have made an impact on me at any point in time of my life, they deserve to have a home.

Also, in other news, I think I am a complete idiot, or at least useless at reading things that I care not for, I still don't really understand the wiki page for the First Persian Gulf War. Yes, I'm going to epic fail my history sbq assignment which I still haven't touch because I can't actually be fucking bothered to read the wiki page even though it's not that long. I mean, I plowed through thicker books than just that page!

More other news: My stomach is like churning really uncomfortably... gah. Am I getting sick?
quote unashamedly yanked and tweaked from Saiyuki, taken from Son Goku. I'm still not over my Minekura Kazuya craze... lol.



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