Feb. 20th, 2009

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... I find myself falling asleep on trains so normal an occurrence that I don't even bother to find seats whenever I get on. I'll just pick a corner that I can lean against and shut my eyes. Even when my iPod is blasting hardcore metal, stuff like Helloween to Dir en Grey's screamy vocals, I can manage to sleep without interruption. That is until my knees buckle and then I jerk away. The feeling of being rudely awakened is sort of... fun? I mean, you're like a kite drifting aimless across the sky, then someone comes along and tugs sharply so that you are reorientated somehow? Pathetic analogy. Whatever.

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Came back and started reading Dominic Smith's The Beautiful Miscellaneous because it was taking up card space and I wanted to return asap. I'm about three quarters into the book and well... it started out pretty decently, an interesting premise, even though it wasn't anything new.

So I'm taking a break to type this out now.

The entire science thing going on in the book sort of reminded me of today's GP lesson with Mr Ang. Whose explanations actually made me interested in science, okay, only certain topics though. (I seriously couldn't care less about pressures and forces and all that, but when it comes to genetics and astronomy and time/space, I can get pretty keen on them.) Why couldn't I have a science teacher who could make these dry topics appealling?

The word rehabilitated swept across the room - it was a streak of mercury-colored lightning, but it had no taste.
- pg 98; the beautiful miscellaneous: Dominic Smith



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