Feb. 26th, 2009

rxelyn: (O RLY?)
Did nothing productive today... other than going to school and pretending to know what's going on in lessons. Damn, I totally should be an actor lah, so good at lying. (lol, or at least part of the leverage crew?)

Came back knackered after choir practice (yay, Eric Whitacre pieces, does that mean we can ditch the SYF pieces for now?)... and drooled over picspams of cute guys. From Patrick Wolf to MATSUJUN and PI!!! ZOMG, haha, my brain was broken by them... while they might be dated, I don't ever get tired of staring at their faces.

Currently on my watching list, I have finally caught up to episode 20 of Skip Beat!! Still lagging behind on Soul Eater, at 38, and Kuroshitsuji at 14 and finished Junjou Romantica S2, and I need to go and watch Boys Over Flowers too... And start on Gintama...

Anyway, life has been an exceedingly dull routine these days, leaving me with hardly any 'me' time, damn it, I'm totally going to go out on Saturday, I don't care where to, or with who, just out, doing something.

The rain today was also brilliant, love the thunder and the lightning, so very dramatic, like listening to Lux Aterna while I walked home after school just now. Haha.

Also am done with the piano exam, in which I'm hoping desperately to pass this time round because the examiner was damn nice, so I can finally move on to doing random pieces that I like instead of getting nagged at to practice scales/pieces, yada yada.

I find myself still very easily swayed by the words of others and therefore becoming very judgemental, which is stupid, really, because you can't trust luck or prayer or mercy or other people. (lol, I managed to remember this without referring to the paper!)

Okay, update is over. Back to doing srs work... which is like... slacking and going off to sleep. Haha.



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