Feb. 28th, 2009

rxelyn: (ianto and phones)
[Error: unknown template qotd]ahaha, this is totally stupid. XD

'rxe' came from 'ravenxeve'. which was my username for almost everything; created back when I began my fascination for the occult, 'raven' being a messenger for death and 'eve' for life, which is also part of my name, and the 'x' is... just because it looks like it belongs, haha. I shortened 'ravenxeve' to 'rxe' after MYV removed all the vowels in his own name (which was Miyavi then), but I couldn't really do that without making it look weird, so yeah. and anyway, 'rxe' is most closely to be pronounced as 'rex' which also means 'king' and I would love to be a dictator of a country, lol.  The 'lyn' part came from my given name, 'evelyn'... 

so TADAH, rxe-lyn is created. I don't know why I put the hyphen, I find it quite irritating now... >.> but never mind, changing it would be so damn troublesome.

Going to sleep now so that I can meet Jia Li on time tomorrow at 10:30am. Yeah... probably need to wake at about 8am... gah.



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