Mar. 1st, 2009

rxelyn: (ehhh)
... missed my internet dearly; what can I say, geek through and through.

Spent Saturday at Fatmah's place where we baked cookies for the fundraising thing for the SL project-to-be with Jia Li and Jaclyn and Sofia and Jia Min and Min Jie. XD It was fun, even though I'm not one for such activities. I think out of all of us, only a few had real baking experience? And I'm not one of them, ahaha. But it was new and fun, though not something I would do alone, because it's so damn troublesome and messy! Imagine me using my hands to knead the cookie dough... urgh. Thinking of it makes me flinch already, luckily Jia Li and Jia Min were willing to do it! Lol.

So... basically didn't have time to stay with the computer since that took up majority of my day.

And today, I joined Ami and Sze and Kim at the library to study... not that I was productive, cos I ended up reading books and writing random crap. Tried to do math, but every time I picked up my notes, I began to feel sleepy... And that, took up majority of a day too.

Anyway, finally finished Leverage S1 and well, I hope S2 comes as quickly as possible, in which I think there was a rumor about Elliot fighting a bear?! Wicked! Lol. Am also starting to watch Kimi wo Petto even though that was a reaaaally old show, but then again, I'm reigniting my love for Matsujun, so I guess, I really ought to watch it...? Haha.

Okay, I shall end the randomness here and continue watching the dorama, so quick update is over for now. :D



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