Mar. 4th, 2009

rxelyn: (gold sunset)
I had a lot of scathing things to say, nearly an entire rant to unleash my discontentment, but after a hot shower and internal reflection, I find myself thinking about how immature I really am. Am I really that incapable of holding my emotions in check? Do I really have to have an opinion on every single thing? Must I react to people all the time? And what's the point of dwelling in the past?

No point absorbing negative energies or worsening things. Instead, I advocate the tactic of withdrawal, in other words, ignore. After all, this would ensure that everyone is pacified, no one gets hurt by your remarks and you can go through life without having to watch out for your back.

I was basically annoyed with everything going on in my small piece of sky, but I decided that after the worst happens, all it can do is just to start getting better, because that is how the universe works, sort of. Like, there is a point in which everything goes to pieces, yet when you reach there, all that can happen is a return to the original state. Which is what I'm kind of waiting for, everything to subside. (would that mean death?)

Throw out opinions, prejudices, and theories until there is nothing left. Then throw out the nothing.



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