Mar. 10th, 2009

rxelyn: (ianto and phones)
[Error: unknown template qotd]lol, this seems to be true for almost all the classes I'm currently taking... especially economics. Every time I step into the auditorium for lectures, I feel drowsy almost immediately... It doesn't matter who the lecturer is, none of them has successful kept my attention for an hour. I'll usually doodle, or write or think of stories in my head, but then... I usually sleep in econ lectures, so... I think the three things only apply for other classes, like history and math especially.

Had an enjoyable meal with the clique just now, where we met up at Lot One's Pastamania for dinner. Sze Him and Mandy couldn't turn up though... however, it is rare that at least majority of us are able to make it, considering the diverse schedules that we are working with. :D

Anyway, Aishah totally suggested that we have some form of clique identity thingie, which is sort of cool, and well, let's hope for another meetup soon in which we can hammer the details out or something? Yeah. Now, I really need to start on researching on the UN sbq thing... which I was supposed to do while waiting for time to pass by so I can meet with the clique, but instead I got sidetracked while re-reading old stories... which don't do me any good academically.



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