Mar. 14th, 2009

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Last day of Term 1! But the anticipation of holidays is swiftly drained away by my overly crowded schedule and the towering loom of homework aggressively nagging away at me. >.> There's something from every subject, and choir is eating up majority of my time as well. Damn. D:

Spent almost an hour on the phone with Mandy and Jasmine! :D Like totally omfg because conference calling them is so whacky, we'll be like all talking at one go, making really weird (but funny) remarks and giving stupid ideas. It's way cool because I haven't spoken to Jasmine for like... 5 years?! Which is too long. And I nearly forgot her actually, when she first called me, I was like, who the hell is this and is this some sort of a joke from that Mandy Chong? And yes, it is certainly connected to the mischevious brat. Haha.

Anyway, tried to practise piano, because we're rehearsing together soon or something, but sort of gave up in the end, stupid notes, my hands can't switch fast enough to accomodate for the large gaps and weird fingering. But whatever, today's not a rant over piano and distrastrous playing skills (or the lack of)

Finally watched Antique! Which is the Korean version of the popular manga series, Antique Bakery. It's sort of a slice of life kind of movie, with a splash of slash and a dash of mystery, but a lot, a lot about cakes. And there are one or two parts of musicals. :D

Basically, rich boy Jin-Hyuk opens a cake shop even though he loathes cake (and vomits them up after eating them, with a very valid reason) and he hires Sun Woo who happened to be his ex-classmate who so happened to have this crush on him way back from high school and it also happened that Jin Hyuk had basically rejected this classmate in the most cruel of ways (though he did have a sort of valid reason for that.) Lol. So yeah, Sun Woo is apparently terrified of women, he'll like react really badly and so on, so Jin Hyuk has no choice but to hire male workers who cannot help but succumb under the demonic charms of Sun Woo (ahaha, 'he's a gay of the demonic charm; he'll suck the life out of you, don't say I didn't warn you, you naive idiot!') Anyway, this former boxing champion is highly highly attracted to the lovely cakes that Sun Woo makes and begs him to take him in as an apprentice and he is quite immune to Sun Woo's gay charms. So yeah, he begins working there. And Su-young, an orphan taken in by Jin-Hyuk's family makes an appearance. Looking much more like a bodyguard, but too blur and clumsy to be one, he starts to work at the shop too, to the dismay of Jin-Hyuk because of the messes he creates. He doesn't not seem completely immune to Sun Woo, though he doesn't take any action.

Basically, these characters are flawed, but by the end of the movie, much has been resolved. I don't think it follows faithfully to the manga, but from what I have read (which is merely two volumes), it remains quite true to the original storyline. The entire movie is highly comical and entertaining, there isn't much to cry over, unlike the usual Korean fare, and overall, it isn't anything very engaging or thought-provoking, but I liked it quite a fair bit. :D 



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