Mar. 19th, 2009


Mar. 19th, 2009 08:16 pm
rxelyn: (epic fail)
Argh, today is one of those days in which you should never have gotten out of bed because everything is just not going your way.

[01] woke up with bad stomach cramps.
[02] ran out of ironed clothes, (cos my mother wasn't around) ended up grabbing random stuff from the laundry hamper instead.
[03] found out that my ezlink card had no money
[04] realised that I didn't bring my wallet when I tried to top up my card
[05] missed the train and had to wait for 6 minutes.
[06] had an embarrassing incident on the train in which I only realised when I was on my way to Clementi, meaning that all the way from Yew Tee to Jurong East, I was a public embarrasment because I didn't know!!
[07] practice wasn't very efficient, ended up dragging and I was late in meeting Aishah and Chin Ming didn't want to come.
[08] stepped on dog poo from Jia Li's place which I couldn't do anything about since I was going onto a bus.
[09] endured a terrible bus ride to the mrt station where I immediately ducked into a toilet to clean my shoes.
[10] spent a humiliating 15 minutes getting rid of the shit.
[11] met Aishah for lunch where we went to V8 Cafe and the food I had picked wasn't available. Twice.

D: One of the more unpleasant days I have lived... because everything just went wrong... I mean, I was like, half joking to Aishah as the waitress was bringing us glasses of water, holding them at such dangerous angles that if she tilted just a bit, she'll spill the water on me instead. And Aishah remarked that the tea will probably burn my tongue, in which it did, but... nah, that wasn't really a big deal...

In other news, we were supposed to hunt for the clique rings and have some suggestions, in which I think either Aishah or I will be posting on the clique community to get opinions. I also bought a green scarf because I don't want to share my brown scarf with my bunny, haha. Lol, the bag from the shop was cute! :D

(btw, people from 4D: didn't Chee How used to have this lame joke about a tree getting hit by lightning and the punchline being 'suay'? lol.)



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