Mar. 24th, 2009

rxelyn: (*dum dum dum*)
Hmm, just realized that I haven't updated for some time, while I was mourning over a lack of updates on the other ljs that I follow.

School has only reopened for like 2 days, and I'm already sick of the routine... rushing through undone work, falling asleep at lectures (I totally zonked out during today's econs lecture. It was that terrible, on my part, that is.) and wasting money. The two e-learning days are sort of welcomed but it's sort of like a fake break, since I need to come back for choir practice in the evening on Thursday as well as go for some Orchard Road learning journey on Friday... so... I still need to attend school!

And then there's aj idol finals tomorrow, in which I'm actually pretty sick of the song, 'Come What May'. Can't wait to get it over with... think I'm going to go find scores for the songs I actually want to play, I'm currently mad over Angela Aki's Moral no Soushiki. Not only is it catchy, the transitions between the emotions playing out is well done, and the lyrics are brilliant! :D Also need to go and collect my grade 8 cert... finally passed it... by 2 marks. Utter fail... haha. But I passed. Which means I'm done with the bloody exams, I hate the exams, I'm always too nervous... Fatmah introduced me to Talking Heads' Psycho Killer which has a damn addictive chorus, but Dilana's version is more awesome because it's so much more rockish and energetic in that sense. Wished I had more time, since I have quite a lot of stuff to watch backlogged on my laptop, taking up precious space; got Skip Beat, Detroit Metal City, Blood and Chocolate, etc.



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