Mar. 26th, 2009

rxelyn: (*dum dum dum*)
E-learning Day, my arse. >.> Slacked the entire day since 9 am... then I went for choir... I did check out the massive amount of work and went like WTF. Gah. And went back to downloading music XD Crossed out some stuff on my music list, like Mantenrou Opera's new single and listened to some new stuff reccommended by, like FictionJunction. And Fatmah totally got me addicted to listening to Psycho Killer! *fa fa fa fa fa fa better. run run run run run away.* Lol.

Then during choir, Hong Zhi totally ran up to me and complained about the massive chunk of literature homework, which made me very apprehensive because I just mostly skimmed through the instructions before losing interest entirely. Haha.

Fielded questions left and right over yesterday in which I know nothing of. But am highly grateful to the people who I worked with for helping me out with my rhythm problems because I can tell that they were very irritated with my timing problems... which made even my piano teacher want to wring my neck. And very touched to know that my classmates screamed loudly for us because apparently no one else would? Or so Navin told me, either that or I misunderstood his comment.

In other news, had Subway while watching episode 23 and 24. Is 25 going to be the last one?? But I want moar! Oh and I sort of bumped into my primary school classmate while buying my food! Which is damn random, but apparently she's working as a sandwich artist! I didn't recognize her at first, since I was listening to my music, feeling tired and hungry... stared blankly at the cashier for a moment while she asked me whether I wanted to take away... in which I didn't really hear her clearly... then while I was fumbling with the change, she was like, 'Is your name Evelyn' And I was like.. 'uh, yeah...?' cos I saw her nametag and I clearly never had a friend called 'Shao' so... yeah. She chuckled at my blank expression and was like 'Your primary school classmate' or something. Then I saw Jolinda, actually I saw her nametag then I was like, 'Oh, you're Jolinda Ang, right?' Okay, damn random and off topic.

Another off topic issue, my brother apparently downloaded Detroit Metal City cos I told him before I wanted to watch, but then, I already downloaded it a couple of days ago but I haven't watched yet. But he downloaded the anime too! :D Yay~! I actually quite an attention seeking brat with my brothers, always wanting their acknowledgement, so when they take the initative to do things or even talk to me, I feel happy. (Yeah, there are entire days in which I don't see or talk to them... which is quite sad. Though I will never ever tell them...)

Okay... I really ought to start on watching the many long videos for Literature. Just thinking of them makes me cringe already... they're like bloody long! Do we really have to watch EVERYTHING??! 

And there's still the Orchard Road thing tomorrow. Don't think I can finish the work assigned... and I still own Ms Cai part b of the econs essay... And there's also choir practice on Saturday... =.=



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