Mar. 28th, 2009

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Ahaha, neglected all my work to stay up to finish up Detroit Metal City, both the anime and the movie. Although the art may be pretty bad and taken mainly from the manga scenes, the storyline is ridiculously hilarious.

I don't really get why it's considered farcical... granted there are the usual broad themes of not judging from appearances, like just because Krauser looks like a demon doesn't mean he really killed his parents and all that craze, or the idea that even though the idols may present themselves in a certain manner during their performances, it doesn't mean that they continue that lifestyle even in their private life, like how Negishi is totally a calm and gentle kid, whereas he turns into a raping-murdering demon in the eyes of his crazy fans. Total LOL. As well as the general idea that perception is everything, as seen from how even as the character trips and falls onto a person, the fans totally went wild, saying that he's raping the woman, and giving the 'technique' some fancy arse title. XDDD

from imdb:
It's an excellent contrast of characters, but more so, an examination of self and the personas we adopt in different situations. It might even be a classic case of Schizophrenia for Negishi, because as Krauser, he's really good at what he does, and almost comes second nature as that sissy man who had found an avenue to unleash his pent up frustration and hit back at the whole world, and get adored for that as well. Cursing and swearing comes second nature, and he can get really confused at times if his interests got mixed – romancing his lady love who abhors metal music, and satisfying his legion of fans with a public appearance. Unlike the Incredible Hulk within whom Bruce Banner disappears, it's interesting here because Negishi has full conscious control over Krauser, but allows himself to cut loose and live up to that masked persona even if it means having to embarrass the woman he loves.

It's about striking a balance between living your dream, and being practical about it. As Krauser, he inspires others into living theirs, even though he doesn't exactly get to do the same. But only because he does what he does best, even though he doesn't exactly subscribe to it. He commands his unwavering fans for whom he inspires, though in some negative ways, but what better than to express one's rage through music and at the concert venues only rather than to hit back in society - we don't see any of the metal fans causing trouble, and the amount of clout one has in influencing his followers to live for the better. It's this realization and awakening that Negishi understands his calling in life, that he cannot live a life that's for selfish personal interest (in throwing away Krauser just so he can pursue his love) over that of the benefit for the masses and those who adore him.

It's like a superhero story of sorts as well, where the hero disappears into his sanctuary by having an alter-ego within which he can operate normally without the pressures of expectations. We become somebody else very easily when we have ourselves hidden behind a costume incognito, and can carry out feats which we normally wouldn't do for fear of identity, repercussions and of course shame if something goes wrong. The white face makeup is Negishi's secret formula in transformation from geek to devil, without fear of his family discovering his secret (he tells them he works at a floral shop) and disappointed his parents that he's a preacher for hate, in direct contradiction to the gentlemanly ways he's brought up in.

The movie is much much shorter, considering that the OVA was about 3 hours in total, since it's about 15mins per episode and there are 12...? (I think I fail maths) And the sequences of events in the movie is a bit rushed and warped, since they are largely constricted by time. But in both anime and movie, I really dislike Negishi's voice when he's being his normal self... and the hairstyle... 'penis hair' is totally accurate!! D: (I don't know whether to cringe or laugh. Though laughing is all that I do while watching the show.) People may feel a little turned off by the violent images and the vulgarities, but it's all meant to be funny.

Overall, it's a decent watch, the music's pretty good as well, even though the lyrics are sort of putting off. I'm not exactly a fan of death metal, though I do like other subgenres of metal.



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