Mar. 30th, 2009

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I am carefully avoiding my nephew who is currently down with a bout of chickenpox. While I may have been infected with that troublesome illness before, when I was like 4, there is a high possbility of me getting it again, since my skin didn't erupt badly with red spots, and I recovered within three days or so... according to my mother.

Anyway, school wasn't very good today... didn't do a whole bunch of homework, like literature, econs and math and history; ended up copying a lot of stuff from Sneha. And I got like an insane amount of GP articles to catch up on, in which I totally blatantly ripped off from Navin. You two are definitely my saviours for today! XD

I'm currently working my way through Murakami's Sputnik Sweetheart. And I felt that I have to shamelessly point this out. XD

Sumire wasn't exactly a beauty. Her cheeks were sunken, her mouth a little too wide. Her nose was on the small side and upturned. She had an expressive face and a great sense of humour, though she hardly ever laughed out loud. She was short, and even in a good mood she talked like she was half a step from picking a fight. I never knew her to use lipstick or eyebrow pencil, and I have my doubts that she even knew bras came in different sizes.

Ahaha, this feels like me being described, not the physical features, except for the short part, of course. I know my lack of height very well, haha. But I shamelessly felt that Murakami could be describing me. Lol. Okay. Whatever.

In other news, was very 'sad' and 'disappointed' that the clique went out without me and saw Fahrenheit without me. D: Lol. And my laptop is super laggy now, due to a lack of space because I have been discovering lots of new music.

Also made plans to meet up with Faza tomorrow! :DDD It's been ages since we last met, as choir and school work means that I have a dying social life.

It looks like it's going to rain now which is total awesome because rain is just brilliant and I love the random streaks of lightning flashing across the sky, I always get this mental picture of a silent symphony or something. :3



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