Mar. 31st, 2009

rxelyn: (ianto and phones)
Listening to complete utter crack! XD Draco Malfoy is definitely my favourite character, haha. <3

Today was a pretty slack day~ :D There wasn't much lessons, I slept through econs, daydreamed during civics and stoned during history. Lol, what a productive day! Can just see my intelligence level up. Haha.

Went to Woodlands' branch of Shieng Song (spelling?) after school to buy the stuff needed for the Family Day booth. Which is lots of milo, milk, oreos, chocolate, etc. Decided to go with them because I was gonna meet Faza at Woodlands anyway, and we ended earlier than usual because they pushed mass civics up by an hour.

Borrowed 'I Am a Cat' because I really really want to finish it. Okay, for quite a shallow reason: Shige finished it! XD (omg, I'm such a fangirl.) and there's always the less bimbo answer of it being a really awesome piece of literary work from Japan. Haha. I wanted to browse for more stuff, but Faza seemed pretty done (since I made her wait for me, lol) so... I decided that one heavy book would suffice to kill my shoulder. And it did. Gah. The thickness is on par with Murakami's Wind Up Bird Chronicle, in which I'm still stuck half way in Part II. I'm pathetic, I know.

Wandered around Causeway Point to find gifts for our friends. Different people though, and apparently with different personalities. I would know, since only Sharon was our mutual friend. :D I'm a terrible gift shopper, because I ended up looking at things for myself, saw a whole bunch of useless stuff that I wanted to buy... just because it looked pretty and... doesn't really serve a very practical function, though it does have a function. I'm not that extravagant... I think? Haha.

Had dinner with Faza, who was feeling very broke, because while she can afford to eat the expensive stuff with her other friends, she can't afford to do so with me. XD Jumped from one random topic to another; the ever usual vampires versus werewolves (like pirates versus ninjas? :D) and whether the camel is a 'traitor' and about our friends as well. :D It was awesome and I think I caught people like staring at us... in which I stared back, because... Idk, haha.

Also, totally made use of my brother's privilege as a technician at his company. Am too lazy to read the newspapers because I hate the stupid paper that they use and the ink... (I'm such a whiny, spoilt brat. D:) so I went online to randomly search for articles, after being reminded to do so while reading a fashion website, lol. Random, much? Yeah, so... I pestered my brother into helping me print them at his office. XD

Gah, my mother's nagging at me again... >.> Over something that is still pretty far, but not that far away; my friend, recent graduate from poly, is still jobless... cos apparently her field of study isn't full of great job opportunities (she does animation). ... We really should stop comparing our lives with other people, because there really is no point, but she just doesn't get it and I'm frankly too lazy to start a debate over such issues, because I'll lose very badly as we will argue in mandarin. And I have a total lack of chinese vocabulary. *facepalm*



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