Apr. 3rd, 2009

rxelyn: (gold sunset)
07-Ghost is coming out on April 6. Which is so darn coincidental, since I only started reading the first manga like today and totally loved the glimpse of the complex world that is created. I don't really get why people diss manga, that they are juvenile and silly, because if you would really bother to read, you can see just how much is put into each of them, there is really a lot more to consider when it comes to drawing out your story, there's the style, the settings, the use of techniques, the way you want to portray certain angles etc, and that's only the art side. There's still the plot and many of the stories out there have much more complex issues and the world building can really be that detailed, some of which you don't even find that in real fiction.

... That turned into a rant. >. > I think I'm in a real 'debating' mood today, was sort of arguing over education stuff with Sneha and Min Jie on the way back... in which I think we sort of freaked out the other passengers who could probably hear us clearly... haha, and they probably think we are like some weird freaks. Then Faza and I talked about a whole bunch of random topics, it was hilarious, especially since I digressed and digressed just to make my point.

Anyway, just came back after having dinner at New York New York with the family plus one girlfriend, cos it was my mother's birthday yesterday, in which I sort of forgot in the morning... I mean, like I don't even remember my own name in the morning sometimes, let alone the date... so yeah, I'm like way stuffed now... because of the wonderful food, had pasta and random samplings off the other plates. And root beer float! XD

My eldest brother is flying off to Thailand tomorrow for work, but it's only for like... 3 days? So... it's just like him staying overnight at his girlfriend's place? Haha.

... I suddenly have this feeling that the more you care for a person, the more you feel scared. It's random, but it feels ominous. Or it could just be me being paranoid.

From the far side of this sparkling lake, you wave at me, watching me
I chase you, but the moment I grab your arm, you fade away



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