Apr. 6th, 2009

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mass update because I was tired/lazy/unmotivated to post the past few days.

had a tiny bitching session just now, nothing too mean, but it's really disconcerting about people's perspectives and the different sides of the stories that you get from different people. Shall not delve further into that, since it's really none of my business after all...
moving on... )

Yeah. I think I rest my case.

And I don't know whether I'm meeting Jasmine and Mandy tomorrow or Amirah. Haha. And I'm broke. It's just wonderful.

random thought: school is like a freaking vampire. lol.
rxelyn: (lol)

XD. Hunter, ilu. Really. His Q&A sessions are also ridiculous. Haha, slacking off when I should be doing the gp project thing.

Okay. Back to seeing how Coca Cola pwned the world since 1886. Which is a bloody long time! 0_0 (I totally knew that, actually.)

Anyway, have no clue why I'm doing this topic, since I usually avoid carbonated drinks. They make me burp. Like Sara.

In other news, Mandy couldn't meet up tomorrow. So that leaves the option of going home early to rot, study with Amirah at JE library or going to town to check out books. Really, I just can't see the more appealing choice.



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