Apr. 7th, 2009

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Okay... so I actually wanted to do a oneshot inspired by lyrics from Helloween. But I discovered that I really like to make things complicated by expanding the plot so much that it's impossible to explain everything and resolve everything easily within say... 10 pages?
Sumire wrote some works that had a beginning. And some that had an end. But never one that had both a beginning and an end. Not that she suffered from writer's block - far from it. She wrote endlessly, everything that came into her head. The problem was that she wrote too much. You'd think that all she'd had to do was cut out the extra parts and she'd be fine, but things weren't that wasy. She could never decide on the big picture - what was necessary and what wasn't.

~ Sputnik Sweetheart (pgs 13 and 14)
title: fragments
universe: Mercy (to be confirmed)
type: incomplete; sketch
pairing: none
notes: So yeah, basically, plot derived from Helloween's Invisible Man and also this manga called Soul Kiss, if I recall correctly since I deleted it away once I finished it. Anyway, anyone with knowledge of hierarchy of angels? Like... do Thrones (wielders of justice apparently and basically God's eyes) have the license to kill? Ironically, I find that although I am not Catholic/Christian/other branches, there are a lot of such imagery in whatever that I write. Huh.

unfinished. as usual )

Okay... back to doing up gp project... which is making me crave for a cool glass of coca-cola... which means that its pervasive advertising succeeded to a large extent. XD



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