Apr. 15th, 2009

rxelyn: (*dum dum dum*)

So so much going on, haven't had a chance to post.
Putting the final touches on the AFI album.
Writing new Blaqk Audio songs.
Trying to eat good thai and mexican food.
Trying to make it to Coachella (I see Moz is the clear winner).
Trying to decide who to take on tour with us.

Jade Puget of AFI

I can't bloody wait! XDDD

Okay, reached home at about 8 plus, feeling all sort of anal and neurotic and irritated. Bathed and had dinner while watching Skip Beat which cheered me up immensely. :D I wish they would just fall in love already and stop being so wishy washy, but that's part of the fun too, I guess? Haha.

I'm not the type to work well under pressure, or surrounded by people who are feeling worked up, because more than likely, I will end up being influenced by them and get all restless and annoyed that I just turn off and work on autopilot. It's times like these that I miss Kranji... somehow, I never really felt anything while I was there, sure, liked hanging out with my friends and got frustrated over the monotony of physics lessons, and all that, but I was generally pretty alright there.... think it's part of the whole idea of growing up or whatever shit that Freud would label it as. (probably not making any sense, but inserting Freud sounds cooler than just saying... whatever? Haha.)

Am going to ignore the bloody tests tomorrow... because no one can really do anything to me, were I to fail them. Like, yeah, the teachers may 'suan' me or think I'm some pathetic, lazy, dumb student, but it's not like they can actually expel me or kill me or do anything lasting. Okay, bad attitude towards learning... but I'm too sleepy to really care.

Guess I'm just rambling on, but I think I shall be posting up more writing once I get the time to type things up and edit stuff. I'm always doing these kind of stuff when it's like one of the more crucial period of my life, what the heck is wrong with me?! D: Seriously, I did a lot of writing during Sec 4 year and exam periods... destress, much?

Okay. I shall go sleep now.



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