Apr. 17th, 2009

rxelyn: (writing)
title: And I Pity (Any Boy Who Isn't Me)
universe: capriccio
type: drabble
pairing: Xavier/Del
notes: So... I was randomly surfing around the internet, and something random I saw prompted me to write this little drabble, consisting of Del and Xavier. It's meant to be funny and harmless but if you can't stand like cross dressing and slash, well, it makes more sense for you not to read.

I Feel Pretty and Witty and Gay~! )

So yeah, that's that. I still haven't come up with some apt name for this story'verse, anyone has any inputs? :D

The play that they are staging is West Side Story, a play in which I have never read before, but wikipedia is a brilliant friend, haha. And I total fail at describing clothing and the flowers actually mean something, but I'm not sure whether it's universal since my sources don't cross refer completely, but camellias are supposed to mean 'a good luck gift for men'. Yeah... now I'm going off to sleep soon as that I won't be late for choir tomorrow... which will probably end late...



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