Apr. 18th, 2009

rxelyn: (meaningless)
"Coffee should be
black as love,
strong as hell,
and sweet as death."
Hunter Burgan

My obsession with AFI hasn't died yet. XD

Choir was loooong today, thanks to the holdup from the filming thing for the 25th anniversary stuff. And sadly, I'm involved in it. So, if you do turn up for the concert and see the choir video, please ignore my ugly mug and marvel over Jonnie's wonderful high note. :D Lol, he's a soprano in disguise! Seriously.

Went to the library to return some books for my brother... and borrowed nothing for myself because loan quota was reached... gah. And I saw some very cool books! Stuff that I want to read includes Stendhal's The Red and The Black, and Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child's Relic and Flaubert's Madame Bovary.

Had Subway for lunch in which I was going to bring the food home since Woodlands' branch of Mos Burger was packed even at 2:30 pm... so in the end, went back to my own turf for food. When I bumped into my aunt who was waiting for my mother to join her for coffee, so in the end, I had lunch with them... and I wanted to watch my 07-Ghost while eating, lol.

Went grocery shopping, in which the entire layout of the supermarket was basically catered to make people consume more, and I was one of these victims, as depicted by some modern economic book which I sort of read half way before giving up last last year or something.

Going to the library to study with Amirah tomorrow, think I need to bring my undone history essay, and the lit p4 essay and math notes though I most likely won't flip through math... bloody hate the subject.



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