Apr. 19th, 2009

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My brother bought me a laptop cooler, which was a pleasant surprise because the laptop overheats frequently, and I had this tendency of 'burning' my wrists on the stupid thing. Until I adapted to the freaking heat recently, haha.

So went to Jurong library to study with Ami while Sze Him and Kim were no shows... D: Did my history essay, but didn't revise for the upcoming test, tried to revise maths, but fell asleep halfway through the introduction to normal distribution, did a vague outline for the Herland essay, though I think I'm like wrong, from Fatmah's proclaimation during the last literature lesson. (oh look, alliteration.) Reborrowed Murakami's The Wind Up Bird Chronicle after returning Soseki's I Am A Cat (which I still haven't finished... total fail, I tell you.) Also read through Douglas J. Preston and Lincoln Child's Relic, Agent Pendegast is like damn cool, he reminds me of like a totally slick Malfoy in terms of urbane and polished manners and refined looks, coupled with a caustic wit and a penchant for quotes. Lol.

There wasn't any dinner available at home, since my mother wasn't at home... so went to Yew Tee Point to grab food. Initially I wanted to get sushi... but the thongs of people really turned me away, so I went to Comics Connection to check out for random stuff, in which I met my brother and his girlfriend there as well, lol, they just finished dinner themselves. In the end, I got Subway for dinner. And I want to buy comics!! Like naked ape's DOLLS and Kuroshitsuji. Saw some very pretty colored pages on the community! With some not-so-subtle BL undertones. XDDD

Also have began to cultivate an appreciation of Shige of NEWS, he's like quite versatile, in terms of his style and image. I really miss reading his jweb... D: And his essays/interviews are usually quite interesting, in terms of content. Which reminds me of the new NEWS PV Koi no ABO! :D My adorkable JE boys! Also, in entertainment news, I think Channel U's going to be airing Boys Over Flowers soon, as I just saw a vague commercial about it! Total want because I'm still stuck on episode 3 due to personal laziness, but... sucky chinese dubs, do NOT want. (I don't know how to change the language thing... it's not on my freaking remote control!)

Right. So tomorrow's going to be like some totally loooong and tiring day... math test, all the lessons cramped into one day and also choir. Gah. Do not want. But such choices usually hold repercussions... what a false sense of 'my pace' neh.

Also. My last.fm is being cranky these few days by refusing to detect my iTunes' playlist. Wth, really?



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