Apr. 20th, 2009

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minute details of my life:

  • 20:12 thinks Pendergast has got to be one freaking cool character :D
  • 08:27 thinks she really ought to start dancing for rain? o_O
  • 11:16 hates the cough medicine, it tastes suspicious...
  • 12:38 thinks the medicine is finally kicking in, after an hour. See ya later, world.
  • 14:58 feels lightheaded in a corner of my mind. Wee~
  • 15:59 thinks she plays the piano better when high on medication. heh
  • 16:52 today is a slow day on the interwebs... think I shall go back and sleep some more even though I just woke up not too long ago
  • 18:53 argh the heat... D:
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title: the color of night
universe: sanguine
type: trailer
pairing: none, sort of
notes: ... Malicious Intentions is officially now revamped. I'm retitling it to Sanguine; no idea why... just that it sounds better? Haha. Yeah. Think I'm going to rewrite the entire thing after what? Half a year of hiatus on this baby? Yeah.  Was overdosing on Requiem for a Dream while writing this... probably very disjointed and weird... Today's title is stolen from Oblivion, the Dark Brotherhood part. The idea of Twilight Wars is influenced by Robin McKinely's Voodoo Wars (in Sunshine) and the book Twilight Watch by Russian author Sergey Lukyanenko.



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