Apr. 27th, 2009

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[01] got caught up to speed with the current th wank... apparently, the twins are being stalked by a group of aggressive and crazy fangirls who are acting really irrationally and beyond immature. But they are generally A LOT of publicity. And that's my take...

[02] THIS is made of win! I want to watch Avatar, with a proper cast, not one where I'll make disparaging comments at the screen. And also why I won't even think about watching the Dragonball or Street Fighter movie. Gah.

[03] Blood+ movie! :DDDD I saw the trailer while waiting to catch 17 Again. I think it's airing only in June, but that's alright! XD

[04] Thinking of finally re-watching X Family, since I never finished it and I wouldn't mind marathoning all 55 episodes just to see Jiro and Danson. <3

[05] On the anime side, I'm very very pleased with 07-Ghost. Really, the music is pretty decent too. Things are making much more sense to me as well, because I don't really get the chinese translation in the manga. Lol.

[06] Speaking of manga, DOGS is brilliant! Just started on volume 1 and it's full of everything that I like: violence, hot guys, humor, bad attitude, gangs, science experiments and revenge plots, the list could go on! I couldn't find it in Kino though... and it didn't start at volume 1 in Comic Connection. T.T

[07] Spotted an advertisment for the Merlin DVD in Lot One. But I couldn't find it... lol. Think I need to go ask the shop assistant... but the store was too crowded the other day. Yeah. And I had two fics to rec... but I closed the tabs already... D:

[08] MYV has a new site! :D That dear boy is certainly going at it fullspeed, eh.
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minute details of my life:

  • 19:14 couldn't find DOGS in Kino
  • 22:26 abuse of engrish never fails to crack me up
  • 23:53 argh. school is never appealing, not when there a thousand other things I could be doing.
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