Apr. 29th, 2009

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minute details of my life:

  • 19:13 needs to do her literature homework, wondering if shaun chang can persuade mr guru to postpone the presentation for her group. D:
  • 20:14 mothers - you just can't please them either way. >.>
  • 23:11 you know what, I'm going to go at 'my paisu'. (niceness is overrated.)
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minute details of my life:

  • 19:55 is definitely not looking forward to tomorrow
  • 22:12 can't believe how easily she got dragged into doing the editing of the groupwork. (one reason why I freaking hate working in groups)
  • 00:02 going to go sleep soon, once all the loose strings are tied
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So... am taking a break off homework. Actually, just the compiling of .ppt for the group, since big Shaun hasn't finished his. And I'm procrastinating the gp outline thing to tomorrow. Most likely rush it out during math or the break before gp itself. Not like we will have the luxury of time during the actual exam, so might as well give oneself as little time as possible. Of course, this is also the mentality of the lazy. Hehe.

School has been quite mundane and horribly boring these few days, choir has been hectic, but it's only a few days left to go before liberation, so I shall be a mature individual about things.

Retail therapy made me happy. Bought some stuff from Body Shop the other day, and really, the seaweed purifying facial cleanser thing that they had is actually quite decent. It smells good and seems to work pretty well. Also bought more accessories while out with Aishah on Sunday, including a snake ring, which I have been searching for for quite some time. And yesterday while hanging out with Faza, I bought a notebook which I have entirely no use for because I have many other unfilled notebooks. But it simply looked quite pretty. So I bought it. No, I do not have extra money though. >.> I'm thinking of buying NEWS' color album... it's about 19 bucks, I think. But there are two versions, so I'm not sure which to get...

Okay. I think I should head off to sleep soon. My eyes are already closing out of their own volition. D: I can't wait for Friday to come, the only day for sleeping in...



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