May. 17th, 2009

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Finally. A new phone! :D But it's not that new exactly. Yeah, it's another one of my brother's phone, but it's so much better than the old nokia phone that I was carrying around. And yes, also the reason why I was distracted the entire day from doing proper work

While it is indeed an improvement, but it's sort of troublesome as well, from additional programs like accessing the internet to outlook notes... well, I certainly need to get adjusted... so eh, might be a bit slower with replying texts and such.

Also, my contact list has been lost, so well, whoever who reads this and wants me to know their number, please text me. :D
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Karen Chance's Touch the Dark is another one of those typical urban fantasy books that you see alongside Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake series, Rachel Caine's Weather Warden, etc. It's nothing mind blowing, but it's still pretty interesting, in the sense that we have the main character Cassie, being raised by her enemies, thrown right from the start into the dark side, she is more understanding of the monsters then other similar characters.

The plot is pretty decent, but the writing could be improved upon. Nothing wrong with grammer or such, just the style. Some parts of the story didn't flow very smoothly, the writing was too choppy in the sense that the scenes didn't have proper transitions... which made it quite hard to follow properly.

Cassie Palmer is able to see ghosts as well as glimpses of the past/fpresent/future. Her talent makes her very useful to Antonio, a money grubbing vampire who makes use of her visions to earn more money. Knowing Antonio's role in her parents' death, Cassie runs away and hides, for a few years, until now, her past has caught up with her.

She's dragged into a 'confrontation' in which she starts to gain even more powers, from travelling in time to possessing people. Which makes her even more powerful than Anita Blake. *sarcastic tone* at least Anita Blake takes about 2-3 books before she starts gaining new powers...

The characters are basically not used properly, even the 'twist' in story was silly... and they all seem very cliched. I mean, even the sex scene was boring... and sort of unnecessary. I mean, look at Cassie, who seems to be freaking out over the stupid stuff, she doesn't even channel the 'fuck you, I'm in charge' attitude that Anita Blake has. While I know that comparisons are unfair, but it is hard not to draw such parallels when writers keep rehashing the same issues in the same genres. I don't expect mind blowing new stuff, but more originality?

Okay... I don't exactly like this series, but I think it'll be quite easy to read as light reading material.
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... spent the past hour tidying up my room. No real reason, just looking at the clutter suddenly made me feel all... uneasy, so I started clearing stuff away. It's still the same mess, just a little tamer than before...

The entire day was spent unproductively... just like all my other weekends. Woke up a little before 1 because my mother, annoyed that she to see that even after returning from the market I'm still curled up in bed wasting time, knocked on my door loudly and yelled at me to get up. Not very pleasant to wake up to, so I lazed around in bed, wondering about how certain characters I have would react in certain situations. Until my mother told me to hurry up and eat lunch so that she can clear the table...

Then I wasted more time fiddling with my phone, trying to customise stuff, learning how to toggle between screens, etc. And read some books, one of which I just reviewed. Played some piano, walked around my house... haha, I was really bored, huh.

Right, then I watched a few hours of tv, from 7:30 to about 1, with breaks interspersed so that I could use the laptop, from Legend of the Condor Heroes, which is sadly going to end tomorrow!! to Boys over Flowers, even though I have watched the first few episodes before already, to Guess x3 which I mostly listened to while I read some meta posts.

And now... I shall go sleep so that I can wake up in time to entertain my aunts when they come down tomorrow. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning...



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