May. 31st, 2009

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I'm freaking annoyed by the goddamn prevalent mocca ads. The more I hear the bloody clickclick sound, the more I want to find the company and slap some sense into the advertising team. >.> I would mute my speakers, except that I want to listen to my music as well.

Anyway, on to more cooler stuff, K.03an Guo! :DDD Even though there's no Jiro or Danson, there's still Xiu! *hearts* and a lot of relatively unknown people (at least to me, since I rarely indulge in tw dramas).

(ahem, yes this is actually the ost cover, but never mind! it conveys the point.)

yeah, although I still haven't finished X Family, which is the prequel, nor am I ever going to complete KO One, which is the first in the entire series, I'm already starting on the third installment. That's mostly because you don't exactly need much prior knowledge. The only character that seems to be constant in all three series seems to be Xiu alone. (the others do make certain cameos, but they are not that important.

picspam! :D )
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年紀越輕的時候,似乎真的就越是沒有煩惱,腦袋裡想的事... 就是這麼單純~
好希望能夠擁有哪個電動玩具主機,哪片遊戲卡帶... 諸如此類看似無聊~卻對當時的我有著非凡意義的事物
現在想起來... 那樣天真而單純,無憂無慮的時光,好像已經離自己好遠好遠了~

things to do during the June holidays will include:
♠ watching movies: Star Trek (liek, finally!) and Blood: The Last Vampire (:DDD)
♠ catching up with various doramas: X Family; San Guo; Supernatural; Glee
♠ going to concerts: ACJC choir concert and Moscow State Chamber Choir :3
♠ revising my work: Literature (hopefully with Faza); GP; History; Econs; Maths (I really really need to do so!) D:
♠ cleaning up: my room in general and catch up with filing and getting rid of useless post-its and reorganizing my bookshelf
♠ growing up: trying to find your pace in life, doing things that will make oneself smile, watching the skies, catching up with friends!



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