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Feb. 29th, 2020 10:22 pm
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c o d e b r e a k e r : r x e l y n
exhibit A.

NAME evelyn
AGE 17
RACE human mostly
SIGNS cancer | sheep
ARCANA the chariot

the strategy.
A seventh year student at Hogwarts, sorted into Slytherin. Mostly a loner outside of all interhouse/intrahouse prejudice because she usually can't be bothered by the politics and rivalries. Advanced through Hogwarts yearly with reports like 'has potential but too lazy' and enjoys flying but can't play quidditch to save her arse. Her favourite subject is usually Charms and can't stand Herbology. Pureblood, of course, but not really well to do, due to certain circumstances. Like all Slytherins before her, she has a healthy dose of ambition, but an over large streak of sloth. Has a greyish white cat as a familiar, named Mercury. Would like to form a wizarding rock band even though it would be scandalous for her pureblood family.
(inspired by something I saw on da the other time. :D)

method of contact.
TWITTER ravenxeve
* = preferred method

original form by [ profile] belius at [ profile] layering
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