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title: four types of boyfriend that Delwyn isn't (and the one type that he is.)
universe: capriccio
type: drabble-ish oneshot?
pairing: established Xavier/Del
notes: ... I was feeling random? XD excuse the sap, I'm just tired. The timeline jumps about a fair bit as well, it should be obvious, but hey, why not just mention it? Haha. Also, implicit mentions of sex, if that doesn't float your boat, don't read.

one. jealous
If that silly bint didn't move her hand away from Xavier within the minute, Del was really going to take action. Really. Even though he made it a point not to fight with girls, but sometimes, a hard slap would be a good wake up call for the foolish people out there.

She was obviously ignoring the silver ring that Xavier was wearing and also very pointedly not caring about the death glares that he was aiming at her.

Xavier smiled politely at her, carefully removing her roaming hand from his ass. Del scowled and stalked forward, not caring who saw him and what the rumor mill would be like after this uproar.

"Del!" Xavier shot him a long suffering look, rolling his eyes at the clinging girl who still refused to take a hint. "So, I guess I'll see you around, Joanna."

She pouted, "C'mon, Xav, I still want to talk to you some more."

Del all but shoved her out of the way as he reached up and yanked Xavier into a hard, bruising kiss, which his boyfriend promptly returned, biting at his lip in rebuke for his harsh attitude towards that random girl.

The forgotten girl squeaked and stared unashamedly at the scene unfolding before her, blushing terribly but unable to tear her eyes away.

Del smirked inwardly, oh yeah, Del 1, fangirl 0.

two. unfaithful
Del thought he was used to being alone, thought that he could survive living alone, having meals by himself, playing for no one to listen to, falling into bed with his sole companion, a teddy bear.

Oh, he could get by, of course, but that didn't mean that he liked it. So he said yes when one of the flutists from the orchestra asked him out.

He spent the entire night comparing the flutist against Xavier mentally, noting that his boyfriend won in all ways.

By the end of the night, he ended up kissing the man on the cheek to thank him for a pleasant evening, fully intent on going home alone to wallow in his loneliness with only a mug of hot chocolate as comfort.

Who knows, maybe he'll pluck up the courage to finally call Xavier. But then again, that would mean that he had lost, by caving in and contacting him first. Del stuck out his lower lip rebelliously and resolutely made up his mind not to call, even if that meant that he had to drink countless mugs of chocolate beverages.

Though there were much better activities he could do to occupy himself... maybe that phone call wouldn't be too bad... it could be mutually beneficial after all...

three. abusive
He swung open his locker easily, stripping off his sweaty gym shirt, when he heard a low whistle behind him. Xavier turned around curiously, to see Chris, a colleague from the Eye department, arching an eyebrow at him.

"Wild girlfriend, you've got?" the shorter doctor pointed a thumb at his back.

Xavier blinked, not sure what he meant, until memories of last night came flooding back. He rolled his shoulders, flashing his friend a lazy smirk, "Well, wouldn't you like to know? Don't you love it when you can get someone else that turned on that they forget everything but marking you?"

Chris smacked his palm, "Damn, is she hot? Wait, I bet she's hot. Where do you pick these chicks up anyway?"

Xavier laughed, tossing his dirty shirt at the other man, "Don't be such a loser, Morgan, chicks don't dig them."

With that last parting shot, he sauntered away to get a proper shower to freshen up before his shift at the hospital started.

Internally, he hoped that Del didn't get too pissed off being thought of as a girl. It would be funny though, to see Del wearing a dress and a wig.

four. forgetful.
Del could memorize up to 20 pages of sonatas, reconstruct an entire symphony on the piano just by hearing it twice, keep a detailed track of the compositions by various composers. Yet he could never remember simple dates, from his own birthday to his mother's birthday to their anniversaries.

It was lucky that he didn't have a girlfriend, who would be highly offended by his negligent attitude, but Xavier was long used to it, having dated him for five years now.

But while Del was forgetful, it was quickly remedied by how easily he could learn to remember these dates if given sufficient motivation.

He grinned up at Xavier cheekily, "So what date was it that I forgot this time? It seemed to have slipped my mind again, I think I need more convincing before I'll remember it."

Xavier nipped at his shoulder lightly, "Huh, I'll just have to make sure that I do a good job this time to make you remember properly."

He knew that Del was a flawed individual, just like everyone else, but the beauty of his flaws only made him more perfect in Xavier's eyes. Finding the infuriating teen in high school, falling in love with the dedicated pianist, and going through every single thing with him, he would never want anything to change. Del, as unpolished as he may be, was his imperfection.



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