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I think the most cruel thing someone can do to you would be to deny your existence. I'm not sure whether I phrased this correctly, but I have this friend who was so mad at her father's incompetence that she yelled something along the lines of 'if you two had stopped giving birth after my sister and I, then we wouldn't have all these problems.' Their situation is pretty terrible actually, father is ill with cancer, mother has to take care of two younger children, both below 10, hence there isn't much steady income and rising medical bills. My friend had to stop school for now to work, so that at least they still have some money to tide them over. Her eldest sister is working as well, and studies at a private school at night, so there's also school bills to take care of. It's not that my friend doesn't love her younger siblings, but more of the fact that life would be much easier without the extra mouths to feed. Or something along those lines.

I guess I was luckier back then, where no one saw me as a burden. Or if they did, they politely didn't discuss it loudly within earshot. Considering that I was only one person and generally quite mild, and the fact that my mother had plenty of friends and neighbours who were willing to 'adopt' me... yeah...

Hence it makes me sort of pissed off at my cousin's attitude towards her babysitter who happens to be my neighbour. So what if her kid caught chickenpox and a cold, he got them from the germs passing around in his kindergarten, not in her house. I don't get how she can blame the sitter. Who is kind enough to look after her two kids for like what, $500? She not only looks after them, she teaches them as well, small stuff, like reading and maths, etc. I had first hand experience, back when I was in primary school and my mother didn't trust me enough to be a latch key kid, I went over to her house everyday after school, where I had freedom to the entire collections of Enid Blyton, and those classics kind of books. And free tuition... not that I want to... but she saw my terrible math grades and started making me do assessment books in which she will mark and go through my mistakes. Okay, digression, but still, my cousin is being darn ungrateful if she cannot see beyond the small problems. And really, my nephew is one giant hell of a brat, I want to slap him every single time he starts wailing. Even when he's not bothering me directly, he still annoys me with the amount of noise he generates. At least his little brother is better behaved and more... endearing.
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