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in the end, we’ll all be either dust or eaten up by WORMS, there is really no escape, so honestly, we might as well love ourselves while we’re alive.
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sometimes, I think I think too much, and it's beginning to be irritating. I'm not sure whether other people notice it, but yeah, I'm irritated with myself.

it wasn't exactly a good day today, not that I have any criteria for good/bad days anymore... now, I just want every single day to pass by without anything troublesome popping up. I'm also currently feeling very broke, considering that there's so many things I want to buy, namely cds, and also concerts that I want to watch. D:

I'm also in the midst of reinventing myself... (note to self) though I still haven't exactly worked out the kinks, but I want to take great strides in leading a life that I would be proud to call my own, instead of following the masses, not that there's anything wrong, but surely, there has got to be more to life? Wouldn't it be cool to wake up to the calls of wildlife instead of that bloody alarm clock, do meditative exercises before breakfast, discuss theology and philosophy with the like-minded, travel the world to learn about anthropology and learning to embrace one's own culture. (seriously, I really need to re-pick up my mandarin.) Of course, there's also the idea of adapting to a complete different diet as well as taking note of the changing seasons and festivals, learning the properties of certain plants, etc.

Back to listening to Finnish metal again, haha. Stratovarius is really epic. (maybe I'll do a review later) And I really really need to go raid my brother's computer for old/new stuff, my bandwidth is too slow to support all my addictions, from anime (FMA, 07-Ghost, Kuroshitsuji) to tv series (x family, bof, shigeshoshi) to music (shin, the rasmus)...

Right. Since I'm not doing any homework/anything productive... I might as well just go off and sleep already... considering that I intend to start and finish my history essay tomorrow. And I hope Literature won't be too mind-blowing... really don't like BNW and Herland. *head desk*



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