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Life has sort of revolved around choir these past few days, but it's all finally coming to an end! :D

Although I wouldn't say that the performance for the 25th anniversary was bad, it could have been better, but I enjoyed my moments on stage. Cloudburst was super fun to sing, hearing the sound dip and swell accordingly, and I like the tinkling sounds that the wind chimes thing produced. The finale thing was a little ... -.-||| though. Haha, I have no idea how to phrase that into proper words without demeaning the efforts of the people who produced/performed it. The flowers that Sneha and the others and Navin gave are currently sitting in a vase beside my table, looking very pretty :D

The new exco of 0910 was announced during practice just now, in which we ended like super early because there wasn't real practice as Mr Kwei wasn't coming down. Yeah, I was quite amused by the 'speech' that the new bass sl gave, 'we must own'. Haha, spoken like a true gamer, in which he and Ren Zhi and Hong Zhi were discussing about DOTA and Pokemon during lunch at Pizza Hut. Yes, I was bored enough to join them, the internet wasn't shiney enough to entertain me, though I'm not sure that hanging out with the guys would have been entertaining, but oh well, I was hungry.

In total, I think I've spent about 1 and 1/2 years in AJchoir, in which I have to really say that I enjoyed my J1 year more, the sound that we had was much more impressive, though I wasn't as close to the people... not that I'm that close, but at least I know them more... Ah well, no big deal, since that's exactly how I operate through life, just drift by and do my own thing.

Anyway, school has been irritating, I am so not up for that bloody math test on Wednesday, 'hello failure, we've been very well acquainted, haven't we?' But it's a relief that June is finally creeping up, in the sense that I have got some time to catch up with everything. And I mean everything. I seriously haven't been paying much attention to real life...
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