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I'm freaking annoyed by the goddamn prevalent mocca ads. The more I hear the bloody clickclick sound, the more I want to find the company and slap some sense into the advertising team. >.> I would mute my speakers, except that I want to listen to my music as well.

Anyway, on to more cooler stuff, K.03an Guo! :DDD Even though there's no Jiro or Danson, there's still Xiu! *hearts* and a lot of relatively unknown people (at least to me, since I rarely indulge in tw dramas).

(ahem, yes this is actually the ost cover, but never mind! it conveys the point.)

yeah, although I still haven't finished X Family, which is the prequel, nor am I ever going to complete KO One, which is the first in the entire series, I'm already starting on the third installment. That's mostly because you don't exactly need much prior knowledge. The only character that seems to be constant in all three series seems to be Xiu alone. (the others do make certain cameos, but they are not that important.

this is Xiu. Who is impersonating Liu Bei due to a certain mishap.
while he was in X Family and KO One, he wasn't really a prominent character, here, it's finally his turn to be a lead character.
and also due to the impersonating thing, we finally get to see him with flat hair. Haha.

XD he's looking damn bewildered here and it's really quite rare to see Xiu looking anything beyond cool and composed.

yup, the people here have terrible math skillz, I wish I belong there too... I'll be proclaimed math whizz immediately, I tell ya.

the crew from KO One! :D Da Dong was the one who sparked off the entire debacle that forced Xiu to stay behind. Lol, it's damn silly.

Guan Yu is apparently the main character, out of the three, I think.

and Zhang Fei, who seems to be the joker among the three.
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