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Let's just say that the entire waiting process was freaking surreal. And sort of deja vu. I was sitting around the same place that I sat at about 2 years ago, waiting for KSS's syf results, and today, I was back in the same spot, waiting for another set of results.

Kim totally screamed in my ear when she half heard the result from my phone, lol. But she had to hang up after that to continue with her rehearsal, so she missed the screaming that erupted after our results were announced. And the announcer's delivery was just... cliffhanging, the way she said, Gold.  (small pause) With Honors. I think about a total of 7 schools got GwH this year...

But as I parted ways from Yongzhen and gang, (to join the clique for dinner) the mood just sort of started to fade away, like it has already become quite surreal, in the sense that I don't know that whether everything was real, or did I just dreamed it all up, like I'm no longer sure whether it wasn't due to mishearing... haha.

It's cool that I have Kim to talk about choir stuff to, considering that the clique may congratulate and share the joy, it's still sort of different after all, since there isn't any common experience... (am I making sense here? lol)

Yeah, hung out at KFC, eating rubbish food because I can. Lol, it's strange, but I went to KFC which predominantly sells chicken, to eat fish. :D Random, much?

The last syf that I will participate in, and my first and last GwH as well. :D I'm glad that we finally pulled through, after all the crap that we had.

The stage is ours for the taking.

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minute details of my life:

  • 14:00 in school right now, wishing I could go home and sleep the remaining day away. also, noisy people ought to get out of libraries. >.>
  • 22:40 is going to ignore the plot bunny pouting cutely and go to sleep. :D
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The end is finally in sight, and I breathe a sigh of relief.

It's sort of nice coming home and sitting down before the television, without any random stray thought about homework nagging at the back of your mind. Not that that isn't homework, but no lessons tomorrow! :D But on the other hand, there's SYF. Haha.

I think that if all goes well tomorrow and all that jazz, I shall reward myself by finally getting that NEWS album. :D (but I'm not sure which album to buy without getting ripped off. D: And anyway, I just want to give myself an excuse to get that cd, damn it, I can see through your ploy, you desperate fangirl!)

But I think that really, this week is damn hectic. There are lots of homework suddenly, and I really really begin to dread the monotony of school. Seriously, the only thing I look forward to now is going home. >.> Which is sad because that's really not the point of going to school.

Tomorrow's forecast:
Try to use today to get a clearer idea of where you are in your life and how well you have fulfilled your spiritual and material needs. In various ways your ideals will be appealed to today. Someone may request your help, or you may be called upon to work for others, with no direct or immediate benefit for you except for the satisfaction of doing good work. A kind of idealistic romanticism may be a factor in your relationships today, which is perfectly all right if it enables you to experience beauty. But do not let your idealism convince you that your loved ones are any more than ordinary humans. You are inclined to give way to others' demands and to put your own needs in second place. Make certain that the persons for whom you do this are worthy of your self-sacrifice.
I have no idea what I got to interpret from that chunk of text. >.> So... I guess I'll just burn the bridge when I reach it? Haha.

Also, saw this on iCiNG which I feel that is brilliant. And somehow reminds me of Xavier and Del. (I'm getting schmoopy in my old age. -.-)
One of the great lessons of relationships — in my mind — revolves around learning to love an imperfect person. That is all that anyone is. No one is ideal, no one is going to tick all your boxes & be this immaculate creature. Ever. Once you’ve come to terms with that, it’s time to assess whether their imperfections are the sort of thing you can love… or leave. Some character traits are a total dealbreaker, while others you might decide are worth putting up with.
Last.fm is being a bitch. >.> gah. And I think I need to pack my bag already... if I'm going to go sleep before it's 11...

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minute details of my life:

  • 09:15 I just woke up and I'm still tired. >.>
  • 16:09 open mouth, insert foot
  • 17:58 parents are good at emotional blackmail
  • 23:16 where has the day went?! argh, supernatural fanfiction just totally ate like... my afternoon?! 0_0 (homework undone, bed not made. fail.)
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minute details of my life:

  • 22:18 hmm, bird nest. :D
  • 22:20 @guineverer get well soon, man! syf just around the corner!
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minute details of my life:

  • 03:23 doesn't know what she is doing up at 3:22 am in the morning. but the silence is brilliant :)
  • 15:56 =_= naruto movie was an epic fail. gah
  • 17:56 my nephew is a giant prat.
  • 23:49 needs to start filing her papers... her history tutorials are missing!
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A few years late, but I finally decided to get onto the Supernatural bandwagon. :D It is awesome enough, there's snark, blood and gore, mystery, horrible unresolved angsty pasts, paranormal creatures written with a lot of artistic license, and the possibly of Wincest. XD Okay, I'm one sick kid, don't worry too much about that.

Also, I received a Dreamwidth invite code, so I'm located over here as well, at least, once I finished importing my old stuff over. But I think that I'll mainly post about fandom related stuff? That I'm pretty sure people aren't interested in, haha.

In other news, a whole bunch of relatives have made their way to my house, and are stealingz my silence. Not good, yo. (if I weren't so lazy, I'll have dug out some leverage macros because Hardison makes the best kind of expressions. XD) Yeah, my nephew is one annoying prat, crying and crying and crying, which of course makes his mother all worried and stuff because the whole family of theirs is currently undergoing chickenpox, or have just recently recovered. >.> I'm pretty glad that I'm immune to a certain extent... Anyway, they are currently out in the living room looking at travel pictures from when my mother and the aunts went to Shanghai, etc.

Tomorrow is another loooong trip to the other side of the island, but let's face it, it's really really the last time I'll be going there. Maybe I'll make a trip to town to pick up some books, have added more stuff onto the to-buy list, not that I have much money to be buying books now...

Think I'm going to head back into watching Supernatural now...

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minute details of my life:

  • 20:16 Are you hopeful or just gullible?
  • 22:19 wonders how long post takes to reach Lithuania...
  • 22:26 is such a procrastinator that she is procrastinating sleep even though she is now incoherent and has bloodshot eyes. >.>
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So... am taking a break off homework. Actually, just the compiling of .ppt for the group, since big Shaun hasn't finished his. And I'm procrastinating the gp outline thing to tomorrow. Most likely rush it out during math or the break before gp itself. Not like we will have the luxury of time during the actual exam, so might as well give oneself as little time as possible. Of course, this is also the mentality of the lazy. Hehe.

School has been quite mundane and horribly boring these few days, choir has been hectic, but it's only a few days left to go before liberation, so I shall be a mature individual about things.

Retail therapy made me happy. Bought some stuff from Body Shop the other day, and really, the seaweed purifying facial cleanser thing that they had is actually quite decent. It smells good and seems to work pretty well. Also bought more accessories while out with Aishah on Sunday, including a snake ring, which I have been searching for for quite some time. And yesterday while hanging out with Faza, I bought a notebook which I have entirely no use for because I have many other unfilled notebooks. But it simply looked quite pretty. So I bought it. No, I do not have extra money though. >.> I'm thinking of buying NEWS' color album... it's about 19 bucks, I think. But there are two versions, so I'm not sure which to get...

Okay. I think I should head off to sleep soon. My eyes are already closing out of their own volition. D: I can't wait for Friday to come, the only day for sleeping in...
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minute details of my life:

  • 19:55 is definitely not looking forward to tomorrow
  • 22:12 can't believe how easily she got dragged into doing the editing of the groupwork. (one reason why I freaking hate working in groups)
  • 00:02 going to go sleep soon, once all the loose strings are tied
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minute details of my life:

  • 19:13 needs to do her literature homework, wondering if shaun chang can persuade mr guru to postpone the presentation for her group. D:
  • 20:14 mothers - you just can't please them either way. >.>
  • 23:11 you know what, I'm going to go at 'my paisu'. (niceness is overrated.)
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So I'm supposed to be doing my GP essay outline, (and perhaps literature p4 essay and history tutorial outline too, but that's another can of worms that I don't want to unleash to the world.) but as usual, got sidetracked. >.> Loooow efficiency. I'm so glad that Friday is a public holiday... can finally catch up on my sleep... but until then, I still need to endure two more days of school..

title: one
universe: glass
type: chapter
pairing: none, as sort yet
notes: eh... this story is supposed to be a spinoff from Sanguine... set in the same universe, with overlapping characters. But the giant epicness of Sanguine means that it's not done yet. So. I'm not that sure how the overlapping characters can be properly explained without messing up the flow. Also, this is written in 1st POV, so there will be things that aren't 'properly explained' because they are not subject to the narrator's knowledge, instead, it follows strictly to the narrator's thought streams, which means that a lot of my own personal voice would come through... heh.

where are the shadows? )

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minute details of my life:

  • 20:43 is seeing the appeal of Super Junior. (delving into Kpop?)
  • 23:07 waking up early - not my thing. >.>
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minute details of my life:

  • 19:14 couldn't find DOGS in Kino
  • 22:26 abuse of engrish never fails to crack me up
  • 23:53 argh. school is never appealing, not when there a thousand other things I could be doing.
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[01] got caught up to speed with the current th wank... apparently, the twins are being stalked by a group of aggressive and crazy fangirls who are acting really irrationally and beyond immature. But they are generally A LOT of publicity. And that's my take...

[02] THIS is made of win! I want to watch Avatar, with a proper cast, not one where I'll make disparaging comments at the screen. And also why I won't even think about watching the Dragonball or Street Fighter movie. Gah.

[03] Blood+ movie! :DDDD I saw the trailer while waiting to catch 17 Again. I think it's airing only in June, but that's alright! XD

[04] Thinking of finally re-watching X Family, since I never finished it and I wouldn't mind marathoning all 55 episodes just to see Jiro and Danson. <3

[05] On the anime side, I'm very very pleased with 07-Ghost. Really, the music is pretty decent too. Things are making much more sense to me as well, because I don't really get the chinese translation in the manga. Lol.

[06] Speaking of manga, DOGS is brilliant! Just started on volume 1 and it's full of everything that I like: violence, hot guys, humor, bad attitude, gangs, science experiments and revenge plots, the list could go on! I couldn't find it in Kino though... and it didn't start at volume 1 in Comic Connection. T.T

[07] Spotted an advertisment for the Merlin DVD in Lot One. But I couldn't find it... lol. Think I need to go ask the shop assistant... but the store was too crowded the other day. Yeah. And I had two fics to rec... but I closed the tabs already... D:

[08] MYV has a new site! :D That dear boy is certainly going at it fullspeed, eh.
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minute details of my life:

  • 19:36 it's too freaking hot and I just finished bathing! In cold water!
  • 23:39 aircon should be one of mankind's greatest invention.
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minute details of my life:

  • 19:40 fails at avoiding peer pressure. >.>
  • 20:38 can't believe that she volunteered to wash the dishes. *facepalm* what is this? growing up?! No wai!
  • 21:33 has never taken biology in her life before... just where exactly do we have ligaments? o_O and can it be sprained?
  • 22:39 where on earth did all the time fly to?!
  • 23:37 doesn't want to wake up early tomorrow but isn't given any choices. ):
  • 06:50 ... why am I awake again? =.= it's too bloody early
  • 17:16 just did my bit in reviving the economy and also digging further into my bank account. if only money was like wishes. -.-
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Valid during several weeks: You will have quite a lot of communication with others today through conversations, letters, phone calls and so forth. Use this interchange to test out your ideas and see how people react to them. If you have made such a strong commitment to a particular position that you are unwilling to see it challenged, you may be quite upset by some of the reactions. But that would be a poor attitude to take. You can correct your thinking on a number of issues without too much difficulty now. Even with the best intentions, however, you may run into quite a bit of disagreement today. This does not necessarily mean that you are wrong but that you should reexamine your position. If you find that it is difficult to reach compromises, delay any negotiations or discussions until another day.

... Fairly accurate portrayal of my day. At least at the communication parts? Sort of met up with quite a number of people, at least more than usual. Had a fairly normal day, the usual lessons that make me sleep, like econ lectures...

Meeting up with Mandy and Jasmine again was pretty funny though. Mandy and I met first, at Woodlands, where we went off to grab a bite at the library's cafe. Her idea, not mine. (and $3.50 for iced honey lemon tea, dudddde!!) Yeah, and apparently Ati was in the area as well! XDD so we had a mini meet up and at first I thought even Ami was going to join us too. Lol, cos she had to meet with Ati to discuss some school thing? Then we wanted to call Aishah, since RP apparently finishes school at 4 and it was already 4 plus, but that girl didn't turn on her phone or something! D:

Also. I was overruled by those two... They forced me to watch 17 Again. Against my will. Argh. D: Mandy sponsored 1 buck of my 6 dollars ticket. >.> Which is actually quite silly, but who cares. Longer review on the movie coming up later. I'm going to go watch my 07-Ghost soon. But really, I think today's forecast... Spot on. I lost that silly argument over why I don't want to watch that himbo-ish movie... gah, knowing that I donated 5 bucks to Zac Efron's movie... blah. (I just have this innate dislike for him. I'm a cancerian; we are not known for being logical, haha.)

We are pretty loud together, I think... I bet members of the public would be like complaining to the school authorities about a student in uniform blatantly using violence on her friend, as well as being noisy and rowdy and illogical. Well, not my problem anyway, if people want to talk so much. (blatantly is ignoring whatever was conveyed on Thursday.)

Alright. I don't know what to talk about anymore. I shall shut up and watch my anime.

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minute details of my life:

  • 20:53 death by phlegm. what a way to go...
  • 22:33 @guineverer XDDD so bloody relieved!
  • 22:35 feels extremely full from all the 'tea' she is made to drink. -_-
  • 23:26 wasted an hour plus on facebook?! what happened to sleeping early?!
  • 23:27 has no idea why her mother is nagging at her when it's to do with her brother's health report. Really.
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minute details of my life:

  • 20:54 is slowly losing her voice. D:
  • 21:56 is going to be so screwed tomorrow.
  • 22:35 @guineverer tomorrow's choir practice... no voice, gonna be slaughtered by Kwei... D:
  • 22:38 zoning out in front of the laptop can't be too healthy... so good night, world
  • 23:30 rain makes me happy. People do not. Got rudely woken up by my brother.
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