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the only silence at 3am

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Location:Singapore, Singapore

she has had many names, and like all names, they had a power of some sort:

evelyn | leevyn | ravenxeve

a contradictory person by nature, she is destructive at her worst, sarcastic on her best behavior. she isn't someone to be known, but rather, to be experienced. proud to be who she is, even though it doesn't garner her any popularity votes. being liked is overrated anyway. while she is not known to be friendly, she doesn't bite either, or at least, draw blood.

this journal consists of mainly real life stuff, from whinging about school to spazzing out over fandoms. occasionally, the random drabble/musings will appear, where she waxes lyrical about nonexistent people who only lives in her head(but don't worry, she's not delusional. mostly my posts are left unlocked because if I can't say something appropriately, I don't see the point of saying it (unless drama is to be avoided). her interests are wide and varied, but since she is a highly fickle person, she knows only smatterings of things here and there, but she will dabble in almost everything out of curiosity.

in short, her personality is basically an INTP and an enneagram type four to whoever that is interested in psychoanalyzing her. and though labels may be tedious, sometimes, it can say things more succinctly than your own words.

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