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Let's just say that the entire waiting process was freaking surreal. And sort of deja vu. I was sitting around the same place that I sat at about 2 years ago, waiting for KSS's syf results, and today, I was back in the same spot, waiting for another set of results.

Kim totally screamed in my ear when she half heard the result from my phone, lol. But she had to hang up after that to continue with her rehearsal, so she missed the screaming that erupted after our results were announced. And the announcer's delivery was just... cliffhanging, the way she said, Gold.  (small pause) With Honors. I think about a total of 7 schools got GwH this year...

But as I parted ways from Yongzhen and gang, (to join the clique for dinner) the mood just sort of started to fade away, like it has already become quite surreal, in the sense that I don't know that whether everything was real, or did I just dreamed it all up, like I'm no longer sure whether it wasn't due to mishearing... haha.

It's cool that I have Kim to talk about choir stuff to, considering that the clique may congratulate and share the joy, it's still sort of different after all, since there isn't any common experience... (am I making sense here? lol)

Yeah, hung out at KFC, eating rubbish food because I can. Lol, it's strange, but I went to KFC which predominantly sells chicken, to eat fish. :D Random, much?

The last syf that I will participate in, and my first and last GwH as well. :D I'm glad that we finally pulled through, after all the crap that we had.

The stage is ours for the taking.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]lol, this seems to be true for almost all the classes I'm currently taking... especially economics. Every time I step into the auditorium for lectures, I feel drowsy almost immediately... It doesn't matter who the lecturer is, none of them has successful kept my attention for an hour. I'll usually doodle, or write or think of stories in my head, but then... I usually sleep in econ lectures, so... I think the three things only apply for other classes, like history and math especially.

Had an enjoyable meal with the clique just now, where we met up at Lot One's Pastamania for dinner. Sze Him and Mandy couldn't turn up though... however, it is rare that at least majority of us are able to make it, considering the diverse schedules that we are working with. :D

Anyway, Aishah totally suggested that we have some form of clique identity thingie, which is sort of cool, and well, let's hope for another meetup soon in which we can hammer the details out or something? Yeah. Now, I really need to start on researching on the UN sbq thing... which I was supposed to do while waiting for time to pass by so I can meet with the clique, but instead I got sidetracked while re-reading old stories... which don't do me any good academically.


Dec. 16th, 2008 11:38 pm
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Had a long long overdue clique outing! Pity that Sze Him and Chin Ming couldn't make it, but finally finally we have Mandy joining us! :D And Ami back from her Korea trip! Lol, I think the clique has matching necklaces now, though not everyone has it. Oh well, and Ami got me postcards as well, so pretty that I don't even wanna take them out from their packaging. Haha.

Spent our bus trip contemplating about our lunch, which we didn't even make any proper decisions after reaching Heeren. Lol, typical. In the end, we had a quick lunch at Long John so that we won't miss the timing for our karaoke session, mainly due to the fact that Aishah and I were late, haha.

Sang a whole bunch of songs, I think I may lose my voice after this little session. D: Well, trying to oversing Ati and Aishah is like insane. >.> And Mandy's still the same old pervert even though she looks more grown up now. Bet she can't sneak into restaurants under the guise of a kid for cheaper food, haha.

Ended up staying till quite late, 7 plus, though Ati left first to her grandparents' place,  then we headed over to Lucky Plaza where Ami was ripped off for her camera case, nearly $40 for such a tiny thing?! Ouch. And the thing was that another store was willing to let it go at a lower price when the storekeeper knew that she didn't have that much cash.

Then we watched Aishah have her dinner at BK as the rest of us had dinner waiting for us at home. Chatted about everything, lol, Mandy did a lot of scandalous things back in Kranji. And I was even less adept at social skills. D: People ought to smack me awake about it then. I didn't know I was so unapproachable...

The clique apparently wants to set up a clique blog. Haha, quite cute, this sort of thing. Now we have to wait and see if the least tech-savvy person agrees to this. Then there will be yet another influx of questions to answer, like lj/bs, layouts, posting access, blah blah. Well, guess the most free person shall be in charge, haha.
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... It's been years since I last listened to Elvendrums. And surprisingly I could still recall the exact words and tunes. :D Haha. Random fact of the day.

While promos are ended, another chapter of horror is beginning. Ahem. PW. From what I scanned of the post-promo timetable, it's jam-packed with everything pw related. Am so not looking forward to it.

Went over to Chin Ming's place just now to give her an early birthday surprise XD And I think she was surprised, haha. But the pictures that we took of her were bad... >.> Show your face moar!! Her hair basically dominated every picture that she was in. And now I owe Amirah money for her present, converse shoes. I wanna get a new pair of converses too. XD Okay, I know I have a pair at home now... but but you can't ever have too much shoes, right?! Lol.

So after that, Aishah, Amirah and I headed to town. We wanted to catch the 7pm's Kurosagi at Cineleisure. But... thanks to the long bus ride (stupid traffic) we couldn't make it in time.. ended up breaking fast with them at Burger King and we shopped around at HMV and Heeren basically. Damn. I want to go shopping! RAWR!

Saw this really cute hoodie and  vest at 77th Street... and dress/tunic thing at Cotton On. And Aishah was suggesting that we get couple rings. And because couple rings are tacky, I suggested triplet rings by adding Ami in too as well. XD But we'll still getting matching scarves or other accessories for our bunnies, k? Haha.

Got home real late... and ended up not helping my mother record her drama... even though I promised to do so... oh well. But today was pretty fun; it's been ages since the clique got together.

omfg. >.< should I lop my hair off to something like a longish bob??! I'm afraid that I'll regret it later on... then it'll be too late... =_=
never mind. I shall just go and sleep now. Can think about this tomorow before making the chop. :D
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Weee~! Got off school super early :DDD
Even though I don't really care much about Teachers' Day...
BUT the others are all going and I really want to meet up with them.

Ready Set GO! )

(and I'm deliberately not thinking of the upcoming weeks. And the horrors that they bring along as they descend on us, poor, unsuspecting mortals. Really.)
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Piano lesson was bad... I hate sixth apart scales. So frigging irritating.

Rushed back to school for PW only to find that I wasn't the latest. Leader was late. >.> And we ended up slacking away an hour or so. But our pw meeting was pretty successful, finishing up the first bits of the written report within an hour or so... so I wasn't too late in meeting the clique XD

They got me the bunny bag for my birthday!!! :hearts: It's white (cos the black was out of stock) and we were like saying we should have one for everyone, like, I've white, Aishah gets pink, Amirah black, Chin purple, Atiqah and Sze Him checkered as there are two versions of it. Lol, it'll be our clique identity. Normally, I would balk at such matchy matchy things, but we can decorate the bunny according to our own styles. I'm so vk-ifying mine.

Planning to sew black Xs as eyes, reminiscent of bellz's stuffed dolls, then Aishah and I may be getting matching scarves/ties if she does get  the pink bunny. Thinking of finding chains and earrings. Heh. Imagine the bunny with a lip piercing. :DDD And armwarmers. People will just gawk, I think.

We actually wanted to go for karaoke but there wasn't enough time, I guess... so ended up at the Cathy for Ben & Jerry's icecream. Mmmhmm. Where we hung out for a while and Ati made lame jokes and we sang along obnoxiously to the music overhead.

Strolled around and fangirled a lot over at Black Alice. The clothings were too sweet lolita for my liking, brands like Baby and Innocent World and Angelic Pretty. My tastes run towards h.Naoto, Atelier Boz, etc. But the MJs at Blood Romance were soooo pretty. Haru's were too pink and too plain... And I really feel like splurging on Lolita Bibles and Kera! *_*

Had dinner alone, pretty normal meal since I cooked it myself:
Pasta with tomato pesto
Salad with olive oil, soy sauce and balsamic vinegar as dressing
Campbell's Clam Chowder soup.

Lol, almost everything is ready to eat. :D



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