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I'm freaking annoyed by the goddamn prevalent mocca ads. The more I hear the bloody clickclick sound, the more I want to find the company and slap some sense into the advertising team. >.> I would mute my speakers, except that I want to listen to my music as well.

Anyway, on to more cooler stuff, K.03an Guo! :DDD Even though there's no Jiro or Danson, there's still Xiu! *hearts* and a lot of relatively unknown people (at least to me, since I rarely indulge in tw dramas).

(ahem, yes this is actually the ost cover, but never mind! it conveys the point.)

yeah, although I still haven't finished X Family, which is the prequel, nor am I ever going to complete KO One, which is the first in the entire series, I'm already starting on the third installment. That's mostly because you don't exactly need much prior knowledge. The only character that seems to be constant in all three series seems to be Xiu alone. (the others do make certain cameos, but they are not that important.

picspam! :D )
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So... I was supposed to be doing homework, but I couldn't resist watching the Korean version of Hana Yori Dango. I think they're calling it Boys Over Flowers. I can't really remember their korean names and all that, but their Makino looks a lot like Nodame, I keep trying to connect them together. And oh my god, their Rui is pretty hot. :DDD But their Tsukasa... T.T looked like something crawled up on his head and died, forming into his hair!! But the other two, Akira and Soujiro looked pretty good, almost better than their Japanese counterparts. (I'm sort of biased towards Matsuda Shota, if you can't tell. Lol.)

The plot is a little different, but the personalities of the characters are still the same, even though their backstory is also changed, (other than Tsukasa's though.) Makino's family is really ridiculous, forcing her to attend the Shin Hwa school. (Yep, they changed the names of places too.)

And the bitchy girls! XD They're more... endearing to me than the Jap version, I mean, yeah, they're bitchy but... not that bad, at least not yet? (They seem like American-ized bimbos though.)

Okay, back to watching episode 2.
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I has new mood theme! :D Courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] wikked_angel_78 !

Anyway, because I couldn't sleep, here I am, pimping out Merlin. (I shall do one for Torchwood if I find myself unable to sleep tomorrow too. Haha)

You're a prat, my lord ).

And this is only the first episode. I can't wait to start on the rest. XD
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It's kind of sad, you know, I'm on one of my rare days off, without any school or social obligations to fulfill and what on earth do I do with my time? Oh yeah, sit in front of my laptop and polish off tv shows.

Reaper, which currently airs on our crappy local tv channel, belongs to a genre that's near and dear to my heart. Right, urban fantasy, or maybe supernatural? Whatever. It's a decent comedy/drama but too straightforward and a tad too simple. But still, very entertaining, I completed the entire season 1 in one day.

they don't even have their own theme song. like, what's up with that?

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Okay, this is random, but I'm sudddenly very much in love with Dragonforce! ZP Theart's voice is damn fine, I was like grinning and singing along, quietly, on the train when some dude looked weirdly at me. And he's the one who looks strange lah! In this bright orange jumpsuit thing. >.> Naruto wanna-be. Lol. Yeah.

Back from another carolling session, this time at Shangri-la Hotel. In which Sherilyn and I sort of got lost on our way there. But somehow we managed to find our way there. :D We were late though.

Today's performance was much better as compared to the fiasco at Bugis. But as usual, our audience was very... weird? I mean, they clapped like every alternate song or so. So does it mean you only like the songs alternately or you don't see the need to clap after every song or you don't feel we did well enough on certain songs or what? D:

Anyway, I'm once again hooked on Heroes. Like, omg, SYLAR!! :DDDDDD HIS GODDAMN BUSHY EYEBROWS!! <3<3<3<3 lol. Okay. I also heart Mohinder and Peter and Nathan and Hiro and like everyone else! :D

In other news, I officially have given up on True Blood, can't bloody stand the goddamn accent! And I'm catching up on Junjou Romantica and Nodame and Kuroshitsuji. And I'm gonna start on Reaper soon. Oh, why the heck can I talk about watching these tv shows so easily yet I cannot begin my freaking holiday homework?! Seriously. =.=

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spent like an entire hour updating my book list on goodreads.com
lol, I'm such a typical nerd, spending Friday night on books. D:

found tons of interesting new stuff to read.
that is if I can find them at the library, since I'm a little cash-strapped at the moment.
returned half of my debt to my brother already...
and then Ati and Ami's birthdays are coming up.
and I want to buy so many new things; life is hard being a materialistic brat. XD

finally got off my butt and watched season 3 of Heroes.
aren't you proud of me, Faza?
I still adore Sylar
but the entire storyline of Heroes seems pretty whacked now.
it's a little hard to come up with a decent plot when you have god-like characters like Peter.
and... it's really annoying to have new minor characters, but... I guess it can't be helped.

Season 3 of Dexter is also out! XD
I love Dexter and I'm glad to say that this season looks intriguing as well
though the series has stopped following the books.
well, it works as a stand alone.

also caught an episode of Extras, pretty good, except that the heavy English accents threw me off sometimes.
and am downloading Supernatural and Reaper now. Think... might have to wait a bit.
new season of Pushing Daisies out soon, I think :D
and I just borrowed this Korean drama from Jaclyn.
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So yeah, Min Jie was talking the other day about how scary this tv show was... True Blood, I presume? I found the title quite familiar... like something that I sort of heard last year or the early half of this year. So, like any geek worth my salt, wikipedia was to the rescue. XD And... I found out that True Blood was actually based on Sookie Stackhouse... which is as scary as.... a rollercoaster ride. Or walking through a brightly lit park at night. >.> NOT scary at all. It was the typical mystery kind of shit.

And because True Blood was so fucking similar to this Tru Blood viral campaign that I heard people on the net was talking about, I read on after my initial disappointment at the whole 'ooh scary' thing. Only to find that Tru Blood campaign that were sent to some bloggers were actually advertisments for True Blood. And I was actually intrigued by this Tru Blood thing. Damn. I can't exactly remember on whose's blog/lj did I see it on... was it Lilith Saintcrow's LJ? ... whatever.

But... I may be watching it after all, since vampires are involved.

May try to start on Battlestar Galatica next since I've seen quite a number of fans. My brother being one of them. And I seriously need to finish The Lair season 1 so I can move on to season 2. Yeah. And I just rewatched Junjou Romantica. XD Found myself in the mood for some sappy crap. And lots of good anime this fall! :DD Wonder if anyone's going to sub Kuroshitsuji! Ciel and Sebastian. OTP? Can't say yet, since I've only read up to book 1. Feel like rewatching X and Loveless. Mostly for the music and the angst. But X always makes me cry...

And to make this post less... bimbotic? Or too focused on my tv addictions... here's an update on life. School life in particular.

PW wasn't too bad... I didn't do that badly for OP, though there are lots of areas for improvement. I'm not exactly cut out for public speaking.

History, GP and Literature are probably screwed up. Oh well. I think I'm not alone in my misery. So it's still not too bad.

Choir is really piling up as well... got to like learn my carols properly so that I don't embarrass myself. And there's like seriously a number of practices coming up. Gah. No time to go out? And I want to start on my Nanowrimo planning... got to do a decent job this year, since last year was such a hasty piece of crap.
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Hana Yori Dango and Kurosagi! XD
Respectively showing on 4/9 and 18/9
(be there or be square, lol.)

And to make this post less bimbotic, let me review the book that I just finished reading, Sherrilyn Kenyon's Fantasy Lover.

You know, if I had picked up Fantasy Lover instead of Dance With the Devil, I might not have been converted into a fan of Kenyon. While Fantasy Lover was interesting and a complete universe away from the cliched romances that I have read, there wasn't enough action to keep me hooked for good. Indeed, while I do feel intrigued by Julian's fascinating life, the way that he is written makes him seems too much of a Larry-Stu.

Julian, born of Aphrodite and a Spartan general, was originally a fierce general that nearly brought Rome to her knees. Were it not for the intervention of the gods. His eldest brother, hating him, betrayed him and he ended up locked away in a book, only to be released for the pleasures of others. Indeed, he became a love slave that is made to pleasure the summoner for a month before he is locked back into the book until the next summoner comes. (He's super lucky that all his summoners are female, lol)

Grace summons him on a drunken whim, thanks to her friend, Selena. And even though she dearly wants to, she doesn't jump his bones and instead refuses him at every turn. (gee, are you a woman or what?) Julian is astounded at her different attitude and basically, we see how they slowly fall in love with each other. It's so... gentle and sweet and fluffy that I would have been turned off immediately were it not that I like her other works. Fantasy Lover is just too tame, as compared to the others in the Dark Hunter series.

Dance With the Devil had bad assed Zarek who sports wolverine-inspired claws, headbanging metal music, sinful leather pants and a vicious streak. He had a truly traumatic past, he has a mean tongue and enough enemies that line all the way to hell just to send him to hell.

Besides, any story that has medieval/historical settings can always get me. Though I'm more partial to Greek/Roman periods with the involvement of the residents of Olympus.
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corny, ain't it? lol.
Campy, random and full off loopholes, The Lair is not one of the best dramas to hit my metaphorical shelves, but I still find myself watching it. Vampires just attract me, no matter what... Add in the gayness, I'm hooked.

Just watched here!tv's original production of The Lair in which within the first 5 minutes of the first episode already featured a heavy makeout scene. So glad that no one else was around or I'll die of mortification. While my family may be tolerant of whatever shit that I watch and sometimes even encourage it (my brothers for introducing me to violence filled films and metal music), I don't think that watching gay series would be that acceptable. Especially when they start acting frisky.

The music's laughable, trying too hard to sound creeping and intimidating that I just want to laugh. The actors may be hot, well, most of them, some of them just look bad, they could brush up on their acting skills.

Brian Nolan seems familiar, even though I know that I haven't watched any of his shows before... or maybe it's the hairstyle that he sports in The Lair.

I think he's one of the better actors.
but anyway, he's just a secondary character.
I think his hair's cute. XD

Peter Stickles: The main character?
a bit too dramatic, won't you say?
I won't say that this series is good, but having only 6 episodes, most of them being only half an hour, it's easy to watch it as it is, pure entertainment drivel. I mean, ogling at hot guys, why not? Haha.

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Went 'mugging' at the library at the crack of dawn. Okay, so not exactly dawn because I was late. As usual. But for a Sunday, it was still pretty early. I guess it's due to the holidays, but seriously, the 4th level of Jurong library was... surprisingly quiet for once... no wannbe teens blaring bad poppish music, no little children running around, disgracing the 'hallowed halls'. Okay, I exaggerate.

In my handy dandy file contained my Literature, History and GP homework. And I am very disappointed to say that I have accomplished none. Well, I mean I did doodle some notes here and there, but as I was largely stumped by the exercise 14 of the P4 package... I just lost the mood to do productive work. Instead, I went book-hunting.

And because I go off tangent horrendously, I shall now blabber about DRAMAS!!

Okay, should be asleep now... it's already like 1am... and I need to be functioning by 9 for my piano remedials. >.> Gah. At least there's NARNIA to look forward to, as well as catching up with Faza. (: Hope Narnia's good.

title; quote taken from YEATS' THE STOLEN CHILD
brilliant poem, brilliant poet too.



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