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and you should know that the lies won't hide your flaws
no sense in hiding all of yours
you gave up on your dreams along the way

I can fake with the best of anyone
I can fake with the best of em all
I can fake with the best of anyone
I can fake it all 

who's to know if your soul will fade at all
the one you sold to fool the world
you lost your self-esteem along the way

fake it x seether
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Valid during several weeks: You will have quite a lot of communication with others today through conversations, letters, phone calls and so forth. Use this interchange to test out your ideas and see how people react to them. If you have made such a strong commitment to a particular position that you are unwilling to see it challenged, you may be quite upset by some of the reactions. But that would be a poor attitude to take. You can correct your thinking on a number of issues without too much difficulty now. Even with the best intentions, however, you may run into quite a bit of disagreement today. This does not necessarily mean that you are wrong but that you should reexamine your position. If you find that it is difficult to reach compromises, delay any negotiations or discussions until another day.

... Fairly accurate portrayal of my day. At least at the communication parts? Sort of met up with quite a number of people, at least more than usual. Had a fairly normal day, the usual lessons that make me sleep, like econ lectures...

Meeting up with Mandy and Jasmine again was pretty funny though. Mandy and I met first, at Woodlands, where we went off to grab a bite at the library's cafe. Her idea, not mine. (and $3.50 for iced honey lemon tea, dudddde!!) Yeah, and apparently Ati was in the area as well! XDD so we had a mini meet up and at first I thought even Ami was going to join us too. Lol, cos she had to meet with Ati to discuss some school thing? Then we wanted to call Aishah, since RP apparently finishes school at 4 and it was already 4 plus, but that girl didn't turn on her phone or something! D:

Also. I was overruled by those two... They forced me to watch 17 Again. Against my will. Argh. D: Mandy sponsored 1 buck of my 6 dollars ticket. >.> Which is actually quite silly, but who cares. Longer review on the movie coming up later. I'm going to go watch my 07-Ghost soon. But really, I think today's forecast... Spot on. I lost that silly argument over why I don't want to watch that himbo-ish movie... gah, knowing that I donated 5 bucks to Zac Efron's movie... blah. (I just have this innate dislike for him. I'm a cancerian; we are not known for being logical, haha.)

We are pretty loud together, I think... I bet members of the public would be like complaining to the school authorities about a student in uniform blatantly using violence on her friend, as well as being noisy and rowdy and illogical. Well, not my problem anyway, if people want to talk so much. (blatantly is ignoring whatever was conveyed on Thursday.)

Alright. I don't know what to talk about anymore. I shall shut up and watch my anime.


Mar. 21st, 2009 11:26 pm
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urgh, just puked up a perfectly decent dinner, but feels like there's still a lot of 'air' in my stomach or something. finally knew why my mind was like so disorganized... yes, am sick. -.- Had a catnap after my last post... even though history essaywas still balf written and got other stuff to do. Think I might just not go for tomorrow's practice... argh, see first lah. Maybe I'll be better by then since I still need to finish all the other work and school's reopening. Think Mr Kwei would also kill me if I get sick and lose my voice, it's a bit hoarse but nothing too serious, I think.

And it's really unfortunate that the toilet light died last night... ended up bathing in the dark just now. Pretty scary experience. And very cold, cos I didn't fully close the door. Luckily no one else at home... or else damn weird. Kind of misse d my mother now... haha, I'm so unfillial. Only missing her cos I'm sick. Gah.


Mar. 19th, 2009 08:16 pm
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Argh, today is one of those days in which you should never have gotten out of bed because everything is just not going your way.

[01] woke up with bad stomach cramps.
[02] ran out of ironed clothes, (cos my mother wasn't around) ended up grabbing random stuff from the laundry hamper instead.
[03] found out that my ezlink card had no money
[04] realised that I didn't bring my wallet when I tried to top up my card
[05] missed the train and had to wait for 6 minutes.
[06] had an embarrassing incident on the train in which I only realised when I was on my way to Clementi, meaning that all the way from Yew Tee to Jurong East, I was a public embarrasment because I didn't know!!
[07] practice wasn't very efficient, ended up dragging and I was late in meeting Aishah and Chin Ming didn't want to come.
[08] stepped on dog poo from Jia Li's place which I couldn't do anything about since I was going onto a bus.
[09] endured a terrible bus ride to the mrt station where I immediately ducked into a toilet to clean my shoes.
[10] spent a humiliating 15 minutes getting rid of the shit.
[11] met Aishah for lunch where we went to V8 Cafe and the food I had picked wasn't available. Twice.

D: One of the more unpleasant days I have lived... because everything just went wrong... I mean, I was like, half joking to Aishah as the waitress was bringing us glasses of water, holding them at such dangerous angles that if she tilted just a bit, she'll spill the water on me instead. And Aishah remarked that the tea will probably burn my tongue, in which it did, but... nah, that wasn't really a big deal...

In other news, we were supposed to hunt for the clique rings and have some suggestions, in which I think either Aishah or I will be posting on the clique community to get opinions. I also bought a green scarf because I don't want to share my brown scarf with my bunny, haha. Lol, the bag from the shop was cute! :D

(btw, people from 4D: didn't Chee How used to have this lame joke about a tree getting hit by lightning and the punchline being 'suay'? lol.)
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... argh, got my hair cut on a whim, because it was getting too long and limp... overall very sad looking. But... instead the situation got worse. Gah. I sort of told the hairdresser that I wanted to lop off like 3 inches and trim my fringe, and yeah, I think he got too enthusiastic that he extended my 'slope' fringe to the typical cheena looking fringe that every other girl is currently spotting. =_= I should have stopped him, except that I was too busy drifting off thanks to the wonderful massage from when the woman washed my hair earlier... lol, it's really nice when people are blow drying your hair and combing it for you... that I almost dozed off in my seat. Which ultimately led to this epic failure of a hair. Oh well, my mother laughed at me, and I'm glad that my brothers aren't at home to see because they will laugh too, as I always laugh at their own haircuts. At least it's just hair... and given enough time, it'll grow back properly, I hope... the one good thing is that my hair sort of look straighter than before, since I chopped off the sad looking ends that were splitting or something.
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... The power adapter came earlier than I thought. But luckily, I reached home just in time to intercept the courier service. The parts came in a neatly wrapped package, but... as soon as I plugged it into the laptop, it still didn't work! The light just flickered and died. AGAIN.

And my brother's not coming home tonight to help me; camping over at the girlfriend's house. So. Now I got to wait for him to re-diagnose the problem before calling tech support again. I'm gonna be labelled as a troublesome idiot by the tech people this time. They'll like think in their heads, see, this kid trying to show off her technical prowess but is actually a complete noob wasting our time and resources. Gah.

And I found out yesterday that the AFI cd that I bought at HMV for 28.50 could be found at Sembawang for 19.90. I was totally crushed. Like, HMV cheated my feelings D: And it's not like the HMV's version is in very high quality because I could identify a few typo errors in the cd booklets. (like some cheap ripoff production.)

Also, the Era cd from That CD Shop is problematic, it loops after each song. Which is goddamn annoying. Grr.

What is with me and luck these few days? Gosh.

Not Again.

Nov. 14th, 2008 11:23 am
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... things are not going well!

My stupid laptop died on me. Like I have no idea why too! It was perfectly fine last night... so I left it on to download stuff and this morning it was dead! Even though it was plugged in the socket there is no battery life; shucks that, no signs of life! DDDDDD:

Why???? I'm really cursed. >.> My computers have to break down like at least once a year. T_T It happened consistently every single year and I was hoping to  escape the curse with a brand new laptop... but noooo. It has to die for no fucking good reason. Dell sucks. Screw that, I'm a jinx.

Now I have resort to using my brother's computer which means no computer later at night. =_=

And since there wasn't much to do on his computer, I ended up watching Seinfield - Live on Broadway and Nightwish's From Wishes to Eternity live.
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Gooding EVENING from TOKYO! (not the hotel… to whom I have charitably donated all of my lifetime achievement awards gratefully, girl needs to be able to afford lifetime of gel… help her out with that)
- quoted from her blog

wow, Katy Perry. Real mature.
... The inner bitch in me just wanna tell you this:
1. You'll never be as gorgeous as Bill is.
2. Honey, he has won so much more awards then you. I don't think you're in any position to be snide.
3. It's sad that you don't even match up to a guy in terms of beauty and hence have to resort to calling him a girl just to soothe your trampled ego.

Well, since we're on the topic of Katy-bashing, shall I just comment on her songs?
The lyrics to her songs are just dumb. Very dumb and ridiculous. No, I can't say that she's bashing gays or homophobic.
what, lesbian relationships don't exist?
Girls kissing girls are just an attempt to get guys?
like wtf? being gay isn't a trend or a way to impress people.

You know what, Katy?
Freddy Mercury is doing cartwheels in his grave.

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... is this bad karma for wishing ill of people?

bah. stuffed up nose
and a 6 time streak
of sneezing, someone
please pass me an award.

teary eyes   from shooting out my
brains      through my nose.

hoarse voice from a scratchy throat
yet I still hear the
flow of water going down
my abused throat.
gulp      gulp    gulp

stuck phlegm   
can't reply but can still move
away from a nagging voice
over the cacophony of my own
symphony of sneezes.

The symptoms are clear. Am sick. And it's always the same illness. Having lived up to this grand old age of 17, wouldn't it be reasonable to have gained some freaking immunity from colds?! Gah. I hate colds. I can predict the next few days or even weeks to be hell. A cold can last up to three months or more for me. =_= I'd rather have a fever instead. At least that gives me a valid reason to stay away from school. Anyway, I suspect my downfall to be caused by lack of sleep and insufficent amount of water as well as the weather, just because.

Life these past few days have been revolving around PW and OP rehearsals. And I conclude that I WOULD MAKE A LOUSY COMPANY EMPLOYEE. My skills at powerpoint are abysmal, I cannot present audibly or keep proper eye contact. And writing reports just make me hurl.

Went over to Kino this afternoon and bought Murakami's Hardboiled Wonderland and the End of the World as well as The Ingenious Edgar Jones by Elizabeth Garner. Yeah, I did complete Hardboiled but there were just some parts at the end that I couldn't fully comprehend. Hence, I shall keep a copy in which I will make sure I get it in the end. Or die trying. Haha. Hero was out of stock... and I placed an order for it... but I'm regretting now! It's 36 bucks plus for the hard cover version! And I don't really want the hard cover copy! ... Think I need to go cancel my order... before the book arrives and they make me pay for it! Think

Piano lesson went well today too :D My teacher wanted to teach me Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu, Op 66 after the piano exams next March. Let's hope that I'll make it this time round. Just so that I can graduate from Mozart's Sonata in F, K332, 1st Movement. And the scales, of course. Normally, I could have learnt the piece on my own... but this... just scares me. So much running notes, and insane coordinations between hands. I cannot even do triplets and quavers together satisfactorily. Let alone more complex formations. Speed isn't the problem, cross rhythms just kills me. I have NO rhythm sense. Serious.


Sep. 24th, 2008 07:43 pm
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... >.> what more can I say?

Just completed Vampire Host. Will try to do a short review on it. Finished up my last episode of Rh Plus as well,  while having dinner. Canned soup. Because my mother went off to some travel agency. She's going to some remote part of China this November. So... 6 days of canned soup for me to come? Nah, not going with her this time round...

May be starting Yaoh and Ashita no Kita Yoshio. :D So much dramas out there to watch... but so little time! No thanks to my flist for introducing so many good shows. <3

TH Alert

Sep. 22nd, 2008 04:58 pm
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Courtesy of Fatmah :DDD

TOKIO HOTEL is apparently now on 98.7 FM, on their segment called New This Week. And they're airing Monsoon.

But seriously, just as TH breaks into the American market... seems like we follow the American scene too much.
On the flip side, the only good thing may be that it will be easier to get their merchandise and maybe they'll even deem it possible to arrange a concert here.
BUT on  the other side, we'll be seeing an influx of bimbotic fans who don't understand them actually. And bigoted people who will only look at their physical appearance and diss them.

Gah. Wait till JROCK hits our mainstream shore.
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Okay, so I had been digging through my old piano scores for stuff to play... and I rediscovered my love for Cowboy Bebop even though I suck at playing jazz pieces. And this is what I found out: Fox is developing a live action film for Cowboy Bebop. And one Keanu Reeves is actually going to be playing Spike Spiegel, the main character of Cowboy Bebop. HELLO?! 

... they are as different as cool and uncool.

Thanks Fox, thanks for destroying one of the most loved animes out there. Because no actor/actress can match the zany coolness that is the cast of Cowboy Bebop. Amen.

Okay. Now I shall go back to pretending to study before my mother starts to destroy my ear drums.
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me + scales = rubbish
me + pieces = just as bad
me + aural + sight reading = dismal

that's the lowdown on the piano thing.

re-exam in March. =_=
bah. IDGAF
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Fucking hell. Piano exam on the 26th of August.

Is this like Murphy's Law coming to bite me on the arse or karma trying to be funny?

Shit. shit. shit.

This procrastinator is certainly not ready.

In fact, give me 10 years and I doubt I'll be ready yet.

I'm not the type to perform well in exams. I get all tense and nervous whenever people pay attention to what I play. I mean, if they are randomly walking by and not actually listening to me, I'm fine. But when they prick their ears and listen, I'll start to fumble.

Not even the gods can save me now.
I am so doomed.
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I don't know whether this is a spot of good luck or bad luck.

But I sure as hell know this warrants a gigantic and dramatic font.

Here it goes:

MY FREAKING PIANO EXAM IS ON 18 AUGUST!!!!! ZOMFG! askdgkwegkln *bangs head repeatedly*


Yeah, so it clashes with my Cambridge trip and I'll have to ask Ms Lim to write a letter so that I can get the freaking exam rescheduled. Omfg indeed.

So in the end, either the exam will be brought forward, which I seriously hope not or I'm fucked. Or it'll be pushed back, in which I will dedicate an entire animal as sacrifice to whatever heathen gods that would answer my prayer. Joking, of course.

anyway, the whole point of this freaking post is just to show how alarmed and unprepared I am.
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I didn't know hosting a debate was so freaking troublesome. I didn't know chairpersoning a debate was such a talkative job. I didn't know that some people can be so bloody insensitive.

Chairpersoned the Anderson Junior College Debating Invitational 2008 Preliminary and Semi-Final rounds. (this was stolen from the speech I had to make as a chairperson.) >.> The debate motion was THBT going green is going backwards.

I hosted the preliminary round of St Nicks vs Raffles. Which made Min Jie jealous because she probably wanted to ogle at Nicholas Puah and her Korean friend. But yeah, got to admit that Nicholas Puah was pretty cute. In fact, even Jonathon admitted to it and he's like forever in denial about his gayness, lol.

Raffles won hands down. Not that the St Nicks girls weren't good, they tried very hard, but their argument was too one sided, all that they had were about how going green was costing us a lot of money hence pushing us backwards. The first speaker was pretty clear and confident but the other subsequent two just didn't do as well. The debators were pretty rude during the debate, like just slashing their hand sharply to cut off the opponent's POI instead of saying 'no thank you' when the two teams first started out.

After the first round, I was given Xin Min and Cedar Girls. And all the trouble began.

My two judges arrived pretty promptly. But the third didn't show up. So I was interrupted midway through my speech, and someone ran off to find a judge to take over the spot. And Sneha finally came in to take the place. Lol. Since she's the President of the DOS. So debate began. And one of the judges, Mingching was... just... insensitive. No offense to the guy, I find him very amusing. But if I were the debator, speaking before the judges, i would have been seriously demoralized. I don't know if he was just lacking eq or what, but he facial expressions were very blunt. And he didn't seem to bother to control himself. I think another judge was irritated by his bouncy attitude; he was like, 'should I tell them, should I ask him to offer POIs?' Which was unheard of during a debate.

Lol, and the debate just got worse as the debators went off tangent and I was so bored that I began to sms Min Jie more obviously and talking to my timekeeper. :D I sort of listened more attentively when my ears picked up the phrase, 'organic farming'. And I was like, wtf?! What does the motion have got to do with organic farming... that's going too far, that's already moving into the realms of NAQ.

Whatever. XMS won later on. But seriously, I didn't really care by then. Lol.

Went over to NYP with Min Jie to have dinner since my mother wasn't free to cook dinner.
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Aaah I can't find my bleeding piano notebook!!!!1

way to top off a crummy day.
thank you so much, universe

apparently everything that I've been doing wrong is coming back to bite me in the arse.
good form, really.
I'm not bitter. Seriously, am not bitter. Just frustrated cos it's so damn hot and stuffy.

where the hell is the goddamn book already, so I can just go to sleep?!?!?!
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... I'm supposed to have read Othello. Shit. Yeah. So far, this is what I have taken from a variety of websites; Wiki, SparkNotes, CliffsNotes, enotes, random websites... Must we remember quotes? Because I only know the summary and perhaps vague characterization.

Never has my bed looked so fair, yet foul.
For loathe I to sleep when the time is not.

Okay, with said random shit, I diagnose myself as in an overly pretentious mood and hence prescribed medicine is sleep.
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everyone decided to abandon me
abandon me and leave to fly far
far far and far away and I
find myself starving for
mental physical spiritual

Haha, random poem thought up on the spur of the moment. Rawr! Waiting for the damn microwave to cook my food. Hurry up. Biatch. Lol. Okay, hunger is getting to me like nothing else. I'm losing brain cells.

the innocent looking can of soup which was to be my dinner.

but it desperately didn't want to be eaten. hence it defied the very wicked looking can opener.

very unfortunately, the dangerous looking can opener was merely a WIMP and it died.
R.I.P, well at least until someone comes home to fix you.

this was the tiny tiny hole made by the can opener before it died.

... and I couldn't find the other can opener. and I was starving. hence I wanted to wait no more.
because I am an arts student, lol. I ish creative. therefore...

the murder weapon. I mean the reason why I got the damned soup out of the can.
yes... I basically just just the fork to pry the lid up a little higher so the liquid can pour out.
luckily it was just liquid without any of those troublesome mushrooms or potatoes or whatever you have.

my dinner: blood. cough. I mean tomato soup, yeah. it's really tomato soup.
before it was microwaved of course, hence the fork still swimming in the pot thing.
seriously, what do you call that container?

okay. I am sorry for being so lame. I don't know what has gotten into me apart from the hunger.
yes, I'm such a spoiled and pampered noob. haha.



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